Residential Aged Care

Residential Aged Care in Perth, WA

If you’re looking for a residential aged care centre in Perth’s south-eastern suburbs, consider SwanCare, where our residents are our first priority. 

Choosing a residential aged care centre is one of the most important decisions to be made in life. Such a decision marks the beginning of an emotional journey that can be overwhelming at times. At SwanCare, we appreciate that residential aged care is as much about providing support and peace of mind to the family, as it is about caring for the resident.

At SwanCare, we offer four residential aged care centres all within WA’s largest full-service site for aged care and retirement living. Our residential aged care residents are often long term, valued members of the SwanCare community.

As a premier provider of aged care services since 1961, residents can relax in the knowledge that they are receiving dedicated and compassionate care, delivered by an award-winning, highly skilled team of staff members.

SwanCare delivers compassionate care across four residential aged care centres catering for a range of needs, while maintaining social engagements.

Our staff provide a level of empathy and professionalism that ensures our residents’ needs, comfort, and dignity are preserved in every interaction. The wealth of knowledge contained within our trusted team, and the dedication they show in caring for all residents, allows families to feel confident in choosing SwanCare. 

Personalised assessments and care plans are created for each resident upon admission, ensuring appropriate care services are provided.

Leading Residential Aged Care Facilities in Perth

SwanCare is a leading residential aged care service provider based just 15 minutes from the Perth CBD.  At SwanCare, our sense of community is important. We offer a range of social engagement activities, catering to all levels of ability, with residents and families invited to participate in activity planning. In each centre, there is a library for book lovers and we welcome visiting pets for our animals lovers enjoyment. Church services are run regularly and pastoral care is offered at our residential aged care centres.

For those no longer able to live independently at home, SwanCare can cater to a wide range of services to suit most needs. Whether this be due to physical or mental limitations, personal safety concerns, or increasing health and daily living needs; our staff enrich the lives of our residents while providing quality care and assistance. View our care services here.

Our Process

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Complete ACAT assessment

Complete ACAT assessment

Enquire with ACAT referral code

Enquire with ACAT referral code

Book a personalised tour

Book a personalised tour

Submit application and confirm finances

Submit application and confirm finances

Accept offer and finalise paperwork

Accept offer and finalise paperwork

Confirm admission date and move in

Confirm admission date and move in

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Words from our Community

The caring staff are wonderful. They seem to understand our needs and are always close by when needed. Almost family.

H. Puhl

We could not find a better place, we have everything we need. No complaints, friendly staff, caring nurses, good food, bus trips, activities in the Ranyard Centre, interesting things to do, a physio. It’s beautiful to get old.

M. Bentley

To me, SwanCare means care, safety, good friends, and above all: peace of mind of which there is no end.

E. Harris

Frequently Asked Questions

The Australian Government’s My Aged Care service is the starting point to access residential care in Australia. My Aged Care staff are trained to help and guide those looking for care.

To register, call My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 with your Medicare card details ready. You can also visit

My Aged Care will then organise for a health professional to visit your loved one to assess their level of care needs.

SwanCare offers a range of single and double rooms (subject to availability), dietician approved meals which are cooked onsite, laundry services, and a wide range of care provided by qualified staff. They will also provide a monthly social engagement calendar catering to all abilities to benefit residents social, spiritual, physical, and emotional wellbeing.

As a not-for-profit organisation, SwanCare ensures that all profits go directly back into the care of its residents, and that care is accessible to those who need it.

The cost that an individual might be expected to contribute towards their residential aged care depends on which type of room they are interested in, as well as their assets and income, as assessed by the Commonwealth Government.

SwanCare’s fees are further explained in the SwanCare Residential Care Fees and Charges page which can be viewed here.

The Australian Government contributes towards the cost of an individual’s residential aged care, depending on assets and income testing. Services Australia will advise what level of support is available. 

SwanCare’s dedicated Admissions Manager is also available to help explain the payment process with you.

All incoming residents need to be assessed by an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) prior to admission into permanent or respite residential care, as per government regulations.

To be eligible for approval as a residential care recipient, a person must have significant care needs that can be appropriately met through the provision of a particular type of care. The person is eligible if:
  • The person is assessed as having significant physical, medical, social, or psychological needs that require the provision of care; and
  • Those needs cannot be met more appropriately through general care services. In determining whether these criteria are met, the ACAT will consider the person’s medical, physical, psychological, and social circumstances.
For further information regarding ACAT approvals, contact the My Aged Care Information Line on 1800 200 422.

Asset and income assessment determines the fees and costs you will need to pay when moving into residential aged care. These costs depend on your financial situation and the Australian Government uses income assessments or means (income and assets) assessments to work this out. 

When moving into aged care, you may have to pay a means tested care fee and accommodation costs. A means assessment determines if you need to pay the means tested care fee and if the Australian Government will contribute to your accommodation costs. Everyone who moves into an aged care home negotiates a room price before moving in. The means assessment determines if you will have to pay the agreed room price.

To be assessed you will need to complete a Residential Aged Care Calculation form and/or a Residential Aged Care Property form and submit to Centrelink or The Department of Veterans Affairs (whichever is applicable), who will then provide a Statement of Assets and Income for residential aged care providers. 

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