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Donations are a simple and powerful way to make a big difference.

As a not-for-profit benevolent organisation and a registered charity, SwanCare gratefully receives donations and bequests. Whether a single donation or a regularly pledged amount (perhaps monthly or quarterly), the funds you donate allow us to sustain and plan new community-based projects that benefit SwanCare residents, especially those in care.

Government funding and other sources of income are limited and are mostly prioritised for the provision of accommodation and for essential health and medical services.

Every dollar will make a difference. Funds received through donations and bequests go to programs and resources directly benefitting residents.

Importantly, all donations over $2 are tax deductible. We welcome your enquiry on how your donated gift is being used at any time.


Creating a will is one of the most important decisions you make in your lifetime. It gives you the opportunity to safeguard the future for all those we care about – family, friends, and those organisations whose causes are important to us.

By remembering SwanCare in your will, you are making a statement about what is important to you. It also ensures SwanCare continues to serve future generations of older Western Australians, as we have since 1961.

A bequest might be personal assets such as property, a percentage of your estate, or a specific financial contribution. It can be done at the time when you make your will, or if you have already made a will, a codicil (amendment) can be added - a simple and inexpensive procedure. Your solicitor can provide you with additional advice on making a bequest.

We respectfully request that you consider SwanCare in the bequests that you choose to make. Your gift will serve as an enduring legacy to the ideals and values you hold during your lifetime. It will also help us to sustain the quality of services we provide, contributing to our vision to enrich the lives of everyone in our community.

Further Details

If you have questions about how to volunteer, make a donation, or a bequest to SwanCare, please call Karen Parker, Executive Assistant on 08 6250 0010 or email

All enquiries are treated in strict confidence.

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