SwanCare Feathers Wrap Up: October 2022

SwanCare Feathers Wrap Up: October 2022
Our People

Teamwork unites all of us at SwanCare. We couldn’t be prouder of the many ways our team members look out for each other, and it’s clear from the many Feathers nominations we receive each month that their efforts don’t go unnoticed.

Our overall Feathers winner for October is Sean Le, our talented Graphic Designer. Sean is celebrated for his teamwork, and we greatly appreciate that he took the extra time out of his weekend to make our Charity Golf Day pictures shine.

“Sean spent much of his own time on the weekend sorting, culling and editing more than 2,000 photos taken at the SwanCare Charity Golf Day. He did this so that high-quality photos could be delivered for the start of the work week. His commitment and professionalism are evident in the 300 photos he shortlisted - they showcase each team and various key moments from the day to a very high level. Thanks for making everyone look utterly fantastic. Excellent work, Sean!”

Category Winners

Compassion: Julie Stevenson (Enrolled Nurse - SwanCare Ningana)

Julie’s compassion is appreciated by everyone she meets! Thanks, Julie, for looking out for your fellow team members.

“Over the past month, I have been struggling a bit, and Julie has been constantly checking on me to make sure I am OK. She is always aware of what is happening around her. I really appreciate that she cares about us and ensures we are OK. Thanks heaps, Julie!”

Customer Service: Matthew Southgate (Retirement Living Consultant - Administration)

Thank you, Matt, for taking the extra time and effort to give our residents exceptional service!

“Matt personally invited prospective residents on our waitlist to attend this year's Bentley Park Show so they could experience what SwanCare has to offer and speak to him personally. The response was overwhelming, and a large number of attendees wanted to speak to Matt. The day was frantic, but he made time to speak with them all while also assisting a resident who had lost her way. Matt’s dedication to customer service and resident safety speaks volumes about the type of person he is. Well done on getting through such an unexpectedly busy morning, Matt. Next year, we’ll make sure you have some support!”

Leadership: Chris Raball (IT Support - Administration)

Chris’s excellent persistence and leadership is great to see. Thanks for all you do, Chris!

“Chris has taken a giant step into the unknown recently, with lots of new IT issues and projects to complete, particularly the ongoing 3CX telephone project. He’s led each project with enthusiasm and ownership, and hasn’t given up until each issue has been resolved and understood. Well done, Chris!”

Team Nomination: Kirsty Sapkota (Registered Nurse), Tshering Choden (Assistant in Nursing), Sonam Choeden (Assistant in Nursing), Shelkar Dema (Assistant in Nursing), Durga Kunwar (Assistant in Nursing), Aline Agnaston (Assistant in Nursing) and Alena Macgregor (Assistant in Nursing) - SwanCare Ningana

Congratulations to this team for such a well-deserved nomination. We sincerely appreciate how they all prioritised giving our residents exceptional service, despite the challenges of their night shift.

“One night, we were short staffed due to AIN staffing levels changing and an agency enrolled nurse pulling out of the shift. The Registered Nurse (Kirsty) coordinated and supported the team, and they all came together to continue providing the best care for our residents. Thanks, team - we are so proud of your efforts.”

About Feathers:
The SwanCare Feathers Rewards Program celebrates and acknowledges the incredible work completed every day by our staff. Feathers nominations are accepted across seven categories, all based on SwanCare’s values of teamwork, customer service and leadership. Any member of our team can be nominated for their outstanding work, acts of kindness, or contributions to projects. Feathers rewards points are accumulated, and staff can redeem prizes from our online prize catalogue. 

Nominate someone!
Do you know someone who goes above and beyond, while displaying SwanCare’s values? If you would like to acknowledge a colleague’s work, submit a Feathers nomination by logging in to Feathers https://swancare.browniepoints.com.au.


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