SwanCare Feathers Wrap Up: December 2022

SwanCare Feathers Wrap Up: December 2022
Our People

Our values are incredibly important to us at SwanCare. They guide us on our mission to enrich the lives of everyone in our community, and we see countless examples of them in action every day. We know many more happen behind the scenes, and although they may go unseen, they’re never unappreciated. 

Nisha Kaur, our Social Engagement Assistant, is our overall December Feathers winner. Nisha provides a wonderful example of showing deep care and compassion when she thought no one was watching. 

“We had a concert last week, but unfortunately, one of our residents was unable to make it to the activity lounge. Nisha arranged for the singer to go to her room after the concert and put on a private show for her because she knew the resident loved music. The resident was so happy! It made her day, and she said it was very kind of Nisha to make the extra effort. Thank you for your compassion, Nisha!”
Category Winners

Customer Service: Gail Dunn (Accounts Payable - Administration)
Gail’s dedication to customer service goes beyond our residents and their families - she showed true kindness by making sure our staff were warm! 

“Some night staff were booked in to attend a training session after their shift, but they arrived some time before the training was due to start. As it was before 7am, Reception was closed to visitors. Gail heard the staff were waiting downstairs and invited them upstairs to the admin staff room, where they could make a hot beverage while they waited. When she was thanked for her kindness and for going above and beyond her role, Gail didn’t even think it was a big deal. She said, ‘I just didn’t want anyone to wait downstairs in the cold, so I thought I could bring them inside so they'd be more comfortable.’ Thank you for your thoughtfulness, Gail. You demonstrated the true spirit of SwanCare!”

Improvements, Innovation & Creativity: Narelle Wallace (Recruitment Coordinator - Administration)
We’re so grateful to have Narelle as part of our team - her proactivity and passion have made a huge impact in helping us bring more amazing people to SwanCare. Thank you, Narelle!

“Narelle has brought a wonderfully collaborative and consultative approach to her role. Through analysing how we do things, she has been able to suggest and implement small changes that have made a big difference in other areas. By being proactive while still consulting with managers and team members, we have improvements that have made a marked difference in response times and actions. Thank you for your hard work.”

Leadership: Paris Brooks-Pope (Registered Nurse - SwanCare Waminda)
Thank you, Paris, for showing outstanding leadership and supporting your team. We’re so lucky to have leaders like you at SwanCare! 

“Paris is very accommodating and reliable. She always supports our team in times of staff shortages and often comes to work shifts with short notice. She shows wonderful leadership and supports her team well, which results in great care for the residents.”

Learning & Development: Yee Cheng (Alicia) Peng (Food Services Dietician - SwanCare Kingia / Tandara)
We’re so proud of all Alicia has achieved recently, but we’re even more proud that she passes her knowledge on to the rest of our hospitality services team! Thank you for all you do, Alicia!

“Alicia has done a great job in assisting the hospitality staff to prepare for the conversion to the IDDSI standards from the Australian standards. Alicia has gone above and beyond by giving a short explanation when handing out transition cards, so along with the general training done by the Speech Therapist, staff also have a chance to clarify any questions in a smaller group and, at times, one-to-one. Alicia also created the material for the ELMO module to support me. Thank you for your contribution to learning and development, Alicia! I really appreciate your commitment to training and quality food service. Keep up the good work!” 

Teamwork: Bhuma Thapa (Assistant in Nursing – SwanCare Ningana)
Bhuma truly went above and beyond to help our staff provide exceptional resident care. We appreciate you, Bhuma!

“After completing medications and care work on her floor, Bhuma didn’t hesitate to step in and help out when another floor needed her. She helped a new nurse in training who needed some extra assistance with medications and getting familiar with residents’ individual needs.”

Team Nomination: Hannah Kehoe, Sean Le, Laura Nguyen, Sasha Locke, Matthew Southgate, Matthew Upston & Gail Dunn - Administration
Christmas can be a lonely time for some, but the hard work and commitment of this team made a world of difference for our residents. Thank you to everyone involved - you truly made it a magical day!

“The Orphans Christmas Breakfast was another huge success due to the fabulous team of 'elves' that presented for duty to put a little magic in our residents' day! They cooked, cleaned, washed, served and, most importantly, spent quality time with the residents. Thank you all for the amazing teamwork! From one of the Orphans: ‘What a wonderful spread you and your team of elves put on! Nothing was overlooked, and everyone was well-catered for. Thank you to Santa for the stocking gift - most unexpected but appreciated!’”

About Feathers:
The SwanCare Feathers Rewards Program celebrates and acknowledges the incredible work completed every day by our staff. Feathers nominations are accepted across seven categories, all based on SwanCare’s values of teamwork, customer service and leadership. Any member of our team can be nominated for their outstanding work, acts of kindness, or contributions to projects. Feathers rewards points are accumulated, and staff can redeem prizes from our online prize catalogue. 

Nominate someone!
Do you know someone who goes above and beyond, while displaying SwanCare’s values? If you would like to acknowledge a colleague’s work, submit a Feathers nomination by logging in to Feathers https://swancare.browniepoints.com.au

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