Small Steps to Happiness

Small Steps to Happiness
Residential Aged Care

Introducing our intergenerational program, Small Steps.

25th March 2024

SwanCare’s Social Engagement Team play a key role in enriching the lives of our residential aged care residents. Ensuring their needs are catered for, the dedicated team provide a range of activities and experiences for our residents to enjoy every single day. 

Social Engagement Coordinator, Nilla Curia, works closely with her team to help bring the Social Engagement calendars to life. Most recently, they added an activity that our residents not only love, but that also provides them with a unique connection they may not find elsewhere. 

“The idea had been in the pipeline for a while,” explains Nilla, “After countless emails and meetings back and forth, overcoming a few hiccups along the way, we finally launched our exciting intergenerational program.” 

Nicknamed ‘Small Steps’ by Nilla due to the projects slow but steady start; SwanCare Waminda’s Social Engagement Team Leader, Ceri, was fond of how appropriate the name was for a program centred around children, and the Small Steps program was officially born. 

With the help of the team at Technology Park Education and Care Centre, our residents have the opportunity to visit the local daycare centre and spend time connecting with the children. 

“Seeing how the resident’s faces light up when they start interacting with the little ones just makes my day!" Says Nilla. 

Over the course of each session, the relationship between our residents and the children continue to flourish, something Nilla says she always hoped would be a key outcome of the program. 

“Unfortunately, lots of residents don’t get visited by their grandchildren on a regular basis because they live far away or they are becoming busy young adults, even starting families of their own," she explains, "With this project, I want to make sure that the special bond between elderly people and the younger generations survives the times.” 

Not only is Small Steps a whole lot of fun, but intergenerational programs have also proven to have significant benefits to the physical and mental wellbeing of participants. 

“I find the sessions very positively stimulating and rewarding for all our residents, but especially those with dementia who immediately remember how to nurture and take care of the children. Spending time with kids brings out the best in all of us, it’s been beautiful to experience.” 

This community connection has proven that even the smallest friends can make the biggest impact. Well done to all involved, and we look forward to seeing what this program has in store for the year ahead. 


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