Meet the Team: Brand & Marketing

Meet the Team: Brand & Marketing
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Get to know SwanCare's Brand & Marketing trio.

1st May 2024

Have you ever flicked through one of our publications, liked a post on Facebook or even stopped to admire a new sign and wondered ‘who comes up with this’? Well, that is just a small part of what our Brand & Marketing team look after! 

Simply put, SwanCare’s Marketing team is responsible for everything with a logo. From our corporate collateral, publications, signage, website, communications, advertising and everything in between, this all falls within the scope of our team of three. 

The Brand & Marketing Trio 

SwanCare’s Brand & Marketing Manager, Nancy Kingston, leads the small passionate team whose ultimate goal is to ensure the SwanCare brand continues to deliver on its purpose of enriching lives in our community. Focused on instilling a sense of pride within our staff and maintaining the position of being a highly desirable community for our residents, means no two days are ever the same. 

Nancy joined SwanCare in the newly created role in February 2021 after more than two decades in the Advertising and Marketing industry. 

“I had an expansive career in Advertising and Marketing but as the years went on, ultimately, I knew I wanted to use my knowledge for something bigger than just the ‘Corporates’ which is what lead me to pursue the client side. 

Being able to be part of an industry which improves the lives of other’s is something I wanted since I was a child, Marketing was just something I fell into when I moved from Vancouver, Canada to Perth, back in 1998.” 

So, what is Nancy’s vision for her team at SwanCare? 

“When I started, I spent a great deal of time observing and researching. We had a solid foundation but the one thing that stood out to me was just how happy our residents were. This made my job so much easier as at the end of the day, our residents, and our staff, are our biggest ambassadors. 

So, I embarked on a journey to showcase SwanCare’s authentic self by placing our residents and our staff at the forefront, not actors or models, in all that we do. I also found you learn a lot when you take the time to engage with those around you.” 

The team includes Creative & Design Lead, Sean Le, who also has had a long career in Advertising and Design, leading him and Nancy to immediately form a clear vision for SwanCare. 

Sean spearheads the brand style, ensuring it remains fresh and relatable. He does so by not only producing our publications, collateral and other design elements, but by getting amongst our residents, taking photos and videos. He has an innate ability to capture candid moments through a lens and is also a pretty solid drone pilot! 

We asked Sean what led him to SwanCare. 

“I worked across a wide range of clients over my career then moved to freelancing when I started a family. While I enjoyed the flexibility of working for myself, I missed the interaction of a team environment and really wanted to focus on the development of a single brand. Being part of a brand journey is pretty special. I was intrigued by the aged care industry so applied and I knew early on that I had found my tribe.” 

The latest addition to the team is Hannah Kehoe, Brand & Marketing Officer, who joined us in late 2022 after graduating from Curtin University with a Bachelor of Communication. 

Her previous experience as a Social Media and Marketing Coordinator has provided a refreshing lift across our online channels and has enabled us to branch out in areas such as podcasting. She is also the go-to content writer for our publications, including the Bentley Park Bulletin and Tidings. You might spot Hannah around the campus creating excitement, taking photos and videos, so be sure to smile! 

So, what does Hannah find most rewarding about her role? 

“I really love connecting with the residents and being able to help share their stories. The residents I meet never cease to amaze me with the lives they lived and their outlook on life itself. As the young one in the team, I have learnt so much in large part to our residents and continue to look forward to uncovering the next unique story.” 

Making Marketing Happen 

Aside from corporate collateral, advertising and branded material, what else does the team get up to? 

Hannah says team engagement is high on the priority list, “We like to get out across the campus, see what’s happening at all times of the day and of course make appearances to special events where possible to take photos. 

More so we love bringing smiles to our residents faces, so you may see us donning a costume for Halloween – can you tell there’s a Canadian in the team?! – performing random acts of kindness and generally bringing positive energy wherever we go!” 

“The relationships we continue to build with our residents are extremely important to us, so don’t be shy!” Nancy added. 

“Residents not only give us story ideas from a business perspective, but they also leave us feeling fulfilled personally. The community at Bentley Park truly is unique and something we all feel very blessed to be a part of, so thank you to you all for allowing us to share in your retirement journey.” 

The Brand & Marketing team would like to thank all our residents for their contributions to our publications. Please continue to reach out with your story ideas at as without you, we would not be able to share in these wonderful adventures. 


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