In Full Bloom

In Full Bloom
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For Deirdre Sanders her love of gardening was sown at an early age and continues to grow. She adores her garden at SwanCare’s Village and shares some tips for avid gardeners with Tidings.

Deidre Sanders turns 90 in March, but still loves to potter around her garden and said that Thursday is her “day off to devote to it.”

The rest of her week is full to the brim with activities and classes at SwanCare including dance classes, choir practice and indoor bowls.

She said time in the garden calms the soul and she believes everyone should learn about growing plants and veggies.

“I think spending time in the garden should be compulsory,” Deirdre said.

“It’s very interesting you learn a lot about nature and the cycles of things, it’s calming and peaceful too.”

Deirdre lived in Darwin for 20 years where she was only a short walk away from the stunning Botanic Gardens, giving her plenty of inspiration. Since 2006, Deidre has lived on a corner house in the village, which means she has more garden than most and loves the community that surrounds her.

“Not too long ago I broke my hip and everyone was so nice to me, making sure I had what I needed from the grocery store and my papers,” she said.

“We all take care of each other here.”

Deidre travelled extensively with her husband when he retired and said she enjoyed exploring stunning gardens in Europe and loved the tulips in Tasmania.

In her own garden she has a patch of cacti out the back which love full sun, a pawpaw tree that grew from dropped seeds out the front and loves her snap dragons, lavender and gerberas.

“Spring is a gorgeous time of year in the garden, before it gets too hot,” Deirdre said.

“If you’re going to have a garden, it is lots of work, you need to work out where the sun falls in different seasons, be water wise and understand what plants need to grow well. You also have to add to the soil a lot, with mulch so the plants are getting nutrients they need.”

Deirdre’s love of gardening started at an early age growing up with her parents in Claremont on a half-acre block with gorgeous gardens, a veggie patch and chickens.

“My parents were always out in the garden, so I learnt from them at an early age, Dad had a veggie patch and Mum grew beautiful roses,” she said.

“I had my own little garden and grew some wheat and lantana. It was wonderful, watching things sprout up.

“Gardening is a very pleasant job, I love my garden, and I recommend it to everyone.”

Thank you Deirdre for inviting us to see your beautiful garden. We can’t wait to watch more of your flowers blossom in the New Year! 


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