Feathers Winners March 2024

Feathers Winners March 2024
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Please join us in congratulating our Feathers winners for the month of March.

Following some tough competition, our Feathers winner for March has been decided! Congratulations to Katrina Eckhart for your outstanding customer service within your role as an Enrolled Nurse at SwanCare Kingia. Customer service is at the heart of how we operate at SwanCare, because looking after one another is what we do best. Well done Katrina!

“The 6th of March was one of our lovely residents’ birthdays. The day before, knowing how much she was looking forward to her special day, Kat wanted to make sure this residents’ hearing aids were working properly so spent a lot of time changing the filters on each of the hearing aids. The filters for her hearing aids are extremely small and very hard to handle and see. Unfortunately, one fell on the ground, and after searching on all fours to no avail, Kat called Hearing Australia to confirm they had more in stock. Kat then went to Carousel after her shift to pick up the filter and returned to work to fit it for the resident.

This is going well above and beyond normal duties and I just wanted to extend a huge thank you to Kat for caring so much about our residents. The resident ended up having a wonderful birthday which she will certainly remember.”

Amazing work Katrina! And Kat wasn’t the only team member to demonstrate SwanCare values last month, we had plenty of nominations, of whom we would like to acknowledge and celebrate. Here are our category winners.

Category Winners


Vicci Donovan, Registered Nurse – SwanCare Kingia

“I'd like to give Vicci my heartfelt thanks on behalf of myself and my mum for sharing a video and photo of dad on his birthday. Mum goes to visit each afternoon; however, she came down with COVID the day before his birthday so was unable to visit dad on his special day, which was upsetting for her. Vicci was thoughtful enough to text me through a video of dad with his cake while being sung to and emailed a photo to both mum and I. It was a really lovely gesture which made mum feel much better about not being there with him. To see that he was surrounded by staff who made a fuss of him on his big day was very comforting. Thank you so much Vicci, that simple act brought a smile to mum's face during a time when she herself was not very well. Your thoughtfulness in going the extra mile is greatly appreciated.”

It's compassionate thinking like this that sets our people at the top of their game. Vicci this is so great to hear about and we are forever thankful for your hard work and dedication.



Sean Le, Creative & Design Lead – Administration

 “Recently the marketing team embarked on a task of updating independent living unit photography, as there were a number of units vacant at the same time. Sean pushed the task one step further to incorporate in-house videos, which meant he undertook professional development in his own time to learn the skills required to utilise our existing equipment and tricks of filming and video editing. Sean then shot and edited the short-form videos of each of the units - 7 in total. Early starts and late finishes were required to capture the hours of filming required, much of which was in the heat. There was a lot of trial and error, some reshooting and many hours of editing undertaken outside of work hours due to already having a full workload. All of this effort has culminated in 7 beautiful, professional and quality videos that will be used on our website and within our sales communications tool kit. Having these skills in-house has resulted in significant financial savings too with plans for the video content not stopping there. I am beyond proud of the work our department can put forward which is in large part due to your ongoing desire to push the limits and your willingness to continually upskill. We couldn't do this without you!”

Wow, what skills Sean! Voluntarily upskilling to enhance your creative abilities for the benefit of the wider organisation demonstrates true commitment to the role and we are hugely grateful.



Swapna Yarraguntla, Chef - Main Production Kitchen

“Swapna has consistently demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities, especially during challenging times. On several occasions when key staff members needed to take sudden leave, Swapna stepped up without hesitation assuming the role of Sous Chef. In this capacity, she efficiently managed and supported the team, ensuring smooth operations and maintaining high standards of excellence. Her ability to seamlessly transition into a leadership role and effectively oversee operations reflects her strong organisational skills, adaptability and commitment to our team's success. Swapna fulfilled her duties as a Sous Chef and went above and beyond to mentor and empower team members, fostering a positive and collaborative work environment. I believe Swapna deserves the leadership award and would be honoured to see her exceptional contributions recognised.”

Very impressive Swapna, you’re a great role model for the team and the kind of person everyone wants on their team!



Alicia Peng, Dietician – SwanCare Kingia

“I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to Alicia for her invaluable support on our recent project. Alicia graciously volunteered to assist in creating an onboarding checklist for our hospitality team particularly emphasising the importance of understanding IDDSI standards. Her dedication and willingness to share her expertise in navigating dietary restrictions and allergies are truly commendable. Despite her busy schedule, Alicia has agreed to generously offer her time to train and ensure our new team members are well-equipped and confident in providing top-notch service. I really appreciate your assistance in the training process for our hospitality team. Thank you, Alicia.”

It is work like this that helps our business progress, this will benefit not only the wider team but the community of residents and their families. Thank you!



Hortense Dabire, Assistant in Nursing - SwanCare Ningana

“For the past 15 years, Hortense has been providing high-quality care at SwanCare. Her dedication to all the residents is exceptional. From doing medication to being a pad champion etc. Those roles aren't paid monetarily but she still does it because of her love and care for her residents and team members. With this nomination, I would like to open the eyes of the new staff of SwanCare. Residents are not just our clients but a part of the SwanCare family. Staff are not just workmates but friends. I know she'll read this, and I want to thank her from the bottom of my heart for her initiative to do things to make our service even better.”

What amazing feedback Hortense, thank you so much for everything you do. Very well deserved!



Adharva Karanayil, FSA – Hospitality

Josephine Rodriguez, Cook – Hospitality

 “I want to nominate Adharva and Joe for their outstanding team contribution. They have demonstrated exceptional dedication and professionalism recently, mainly when key staff members have been on annual leave. Adharva and Joe exhibited remarkable initiative and commitment by assuming the role of Chef during these periods of absence. They stepped up to the challenge without hesitation and effectively managed food production according to schedules, ensuring a smooth operation and maintaining high food standards throughout. Their collaborative efforts have been instrumental in ensuring the seamless flow of operations and their teamwork has been exemplary. Adharva and Joe's ability to work together seamlessly has not only upheld the standards of our kitchen but has also positively impacted the morale and productivity of the entire team. Their proactive approach dedication and willingness to go above and beyond their usual duties embody the spirit of teamwork and excellence within our organisation. I wholeheartedly recommend Adharva and Joe for this recognition. They have undoubtedly made a significant contribution to our team's success.”

Individual talent that combines to form a dream team! Thank you Adharva and Joe, we are proud to have you in the SwanCare family.


About Feathers

The program was designed as a way to acknowledge and celebrate the work of our incredible people. Any member of our team can be nominated for their efforts, acts of kindness, or contributions to projects. Staff can collect Feathers reward points and then redeem them for prizes from our online catalogue.

Nominate someone!

Do you know someone who goes above and beyond, while displaying SwanCare’s values? If you would like to acknowledge a colleague, or someone you know who works at SwanCare, please fill out a Feathers nomination form, available at any SwanCare Reception area. 


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