Feathers Winners February 2024

Feathers Winners February 2024
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Join us as we congratulate our Feathers winners for February 2024.

19th March 2024

We are thrilled to announce that our February Feathers winner is Dominic Ng, one of our talented physiotherapists at SwanCare Ningana. Dominic was nominated for demonstrating one of SwanCare’s key values – learning and development. Congratulations Dominic!

“Falls are a common clinical problem affecting our residents. In response to our NACMQIP results, Dominic developed training content and educated staff across SwanCare Kingia, Tandara and Ningana on how to report falls, prevent falls, prevent serious injuries and modify significant risk factors. Dominic provided education to our residents who are a falls risks to ensure their safety during his consultation. 

Dominic consistently demonstrates that consumer education is the cornerstone of fall prevention and management. He ensures the falls prevention program consists of exercises that improve flexibility and balance to prevent falls and injuries. His fall and injury prevention strategies include physical modifications, behavioural modification, and environmental safety. Dominic continues to collaborate with a multidisciplinary team with interventions such as individualised fall prevention strategies, physiotherapy, and occupational therapy. He promotes dignity of risk consistently with consumer choice and control. He is committed to reviewing and monitoring the outcomes of the falls prevention program and interventions. Well done Dominic!”

We are so lucky to have Dominic as part of the SwanCare family, in addition to the many other incredible staff who are consistently honouring our SwanCare values throughout their work in our organisation. 

Category Winners



Leidy Ortiz, Social Engagement Assistant – SwanCare Kingia

“A newly admitted non-ambulant resident recently had a fall on the road outside the care centre while in the presence of a family member and was distressed. In addition to assisting the team with hoisting the resident to safety, Leidy was constantly checking on the resident and reassuring him gently and calmly to allay his anxiety, which was really comforting for the resident and enabled other team members to undertake their tasks smoothly. Leidy stayed back after her work hours and continued to provide support to the team and the resident until the situation was resolved. Thank you, Leidy, for such great compassion and for going over and above in your call of duty!”

Compassion is such a vital trait in this business, you are a true role model. Thank you, Leidy!


Cheesarie Mendez, Maintenance Officer – Maintenance

“Early in the morning on Friday the 16th of February, an elderly resident who used a walking aid was attempting to cross Adie Court towards the grocery store. When trying to cross the road, the resident, who was moving quite slowly, came into the path of an oncoming bus. Cheesarie parked his vehicle along the roadside parking bay and assisted the resident to cross the road safely and into the shopping precinct before going about his normal business. I overheard the resident thanking Cheesarie for his great act of kindness and customer service.”

Thank goodness you were there Cheesarie with your vigilance and quick thinking, we can’t thank you enough for helping our residents remain safe.


Gail Dunn, Accounts Payable – Administration

“A new invoice approval system was introduced recently which required many hours of testing and user training by the team. Gail has demonstrated great enthusiasm and leadership in spearheading user training and conducting individual face-to-face sessions with users across the organisation. She also prepared handy material to assist users with this transition. Very proud of you Gail! Well done!”

Great leadership qualities Gail, thank you for your hard work!



Naiana Siblag, Hospitality Admin Assistant - Hospitality 

“With resident's meal preferences and requests changing all the time, it has not been an easy feat for Naiana to navigate. Especially while having to spend a considerable amount of time undertaking menu reviews with residents and their families while still learning the ropes of her new role. However, Naiana always does it with a smile and ensures the residents' preferences are catered to in a timely manner. Naiana works closely with the clinical team and nurses with each change or challenge she encounters and communicates effectively. Her proactive work ethic is commendable and should be recognised! Thank you, Naiana!”

Your hard work and efforts have not gone unnoticed Naiana, you are very much appreciated by both residents and SwanCare staff!



Samira Golriz, Physiotherapist – SwanCare Ningana 
Dominic Ng,  Physiotherapist – SwanCare Ningana 
Librato Maglaqui, Registered Nurse – SwanCare Kingia 

“Librato, Dominic and Samira collaborated and developed procedures for pain management to assist our residents, with the safe use of heat and cold packs. Samira and Dominic provided staff with theoretical and practical education on treatment, time, frequency, details of procedures, precautions/contradictions, and when to refer residents to clinical staff for assessment and pain management. Samira and Dominic audited and reassessed the quality of our heat and cold packs and ensured that existing heat packs were not posing a fire risk and that cold packs were intact. They collaborated with the CMT and WHS team who completed research and selected heat packs that met safety requirements (they checked fire and burn hazard warning labels, heating instructions, heating time, and microwave power). They also replaced heat packs that had passed the used-by date. Our Physiotherapists continue to monitor the effectiveness of heat/cold therapy throughout regular care plan reviews when clinically indicated and ensure each resident is as pain-free as possible. They review and update pain management interventions as per protocol, and monitor and support staff performance and compliance by following safe/updated protocols. Well done Team!”

Wow, such comprehensive work. Very impressive Samira, Dominic and Librato!


Samantha Ellis, Payroll Coordinator - Administration

“During an extremely stressful day of finalising pays solo in two systems, Sam was still offering to be available to my questions and requests for support while I am learning the systems. Sam could easily have asked me to wait as she was dealing with a big task, but she was (and is always) willing to help with a smile. It is very much appreciated.”

Sam, you are the kind of person everyone needs and wants on their team, great work!


Vima Devi Sungkur, Cook - Hospitality
Guizel Lungay, Food Service Assistant - Hospitality
Prerana Kharel, Food Service Assistant - Hospitality

“On Sunday, February 25th, Jarrah Cafe had a group booking of almost 20 people. This posed a challenge to staff because customers did not place any pre-orders, hence everything would have to be prepared on the day at a fast pace. The team did really well to get the setup done, even with limited seating capacity. They rendered a high level of attention and customer service, not just to the group but to the rest of the other patrons on this very busy day. Well done to the team for being efficient and resilient, you are a true testament to what hospitality is all about.”

Good work! These types of challenges are only possible with a solid team, I hope you’re all proud of what you can achieve not just individually, but together as a team.

About Feathers

The SwanCare Feathers Rewards Program is based on SwanCare’s values and celebrates and acknowledges the incredible work of our staff. Any member of our team can be nominated for their efforts, acts of kindness, or contributions to projects. Staff can accumulate Feathers reward points and then redeem them for prizes from our online catalogue. It’s a small way that we can say thank you to the team at SwanCare.

Nominate someone!

Do you know someone who goes above and beyond, while displaying SwanCare’s values? If you would like to acknowledge a colleague, or someone you know who works at SwanCare, submit a Feathers nomination at one of our Reception desks today. 


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