Father's Day at SwanCare

Father's Day at SwanCare
Residential Aged Care

This past weekend our residential aged care residents celebrated Father's Day in a variety of fun ways.

For our residential aged care residents there was plenty of laughter and cheer this past weekend, as our Social Engagement team organised a range of activities to honour the special men in our lives. 

To view the photos, visit our Facebook page here: Father's Day at SwanCare

SwanCare Tandara's Father's Day party was made extra exciting with a friendly competition of who could tie their necktie the fastest! Staff then surprised residents with some hilariously stylish props including cardboard glasses, top hats, and moustaches to make their outfit complete. Fellow residents also created t-shirt cards in art and craft with a hidden sweet treat in the pocket for our Tandara dads to enjoy.

SwanCare Kingia had a variety of Father’s Day activities throughout the week in the lead up to Sunday. Some examples include playing fun carnival games and tapping into their creative side by handcrafting colourful bookmarks, the perfect gift for our book worm dads. 

SwanCare Ningana celebrated with numerous games although most notably was their creative take on the popular dad hobby, fishing! “It was really fun. Some of our residents had done fishing before so the activity brought back lots of good memories for them,” said Ningana’s Social Engagement Team Leader, Claudia Becerra. 

Last but not least, residents at SwanCare Waminda were treated to an afternoon at the bar! They were spoilt for choice with pub themed snacks and beverages. Everyone then joined in for some fun games including the classic pub favourite, darts! There were prizes up for grabs for the top three dart players, happily taken by three of our Waminda dads.


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