Creating a Safer SwanCare

Creating a Safer SwanCare
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Our Work Health & Safety Coordinator, Paul Marshall, shares his winter safety tips.

26th May 2024

With the change in weather from the warmer summer months to the cooler winter climate, it is quite timely to take a moment to think about how this change could impact your safety. SwanCare will always endeavour to provide facilities which are well maintained and free of hazards, however with winter comes times when the weather throws up challenges that even our team cannot control. 

To help you navigate some of the likely situations, SwanCare Work Health & Safety Coordinator, Paul Marshall, shares some tips on how to prepare yourself before, during and after adverse weather. 

1. Strong Winds - The unpredictable weather often includes strong gusty winds that wreak havoc in a number of ways. We suggest that in periods where strong winds are forecast, that you ensure all outdoor furniture, plants and other items are secured indoors where possible, tied down or moved to a safe area. 

During strong winds the safest place to be is indoors with all windows and doors closed and to remain there until the strong winds have passed. 

When venturing outside, be mindful that objects may have moved or fallen, such as tree branches and other debris. Make sure you check pathways and roads before heading out to prevent tripping or falling over. 

2. Rain - Winter rains could be short light showers through to heavy torrential downpours. When it is expected that rainfall will be considerable, a safe option is to remain indoors and only leave the comfort of your home when necessary. Where possible during heavy rain or storms, reschedule non-urgent appointments, such as shopping, to other times. 

Always be mindful that following any rain surfaces may be slippery, and puddles are likely on footpaths and roadways. Make sure you watch your step, avoid these areas if you drive a gopher, use handrails and be careful of unsteady surfaces. 

3. Electricity - Water and electricity are not good friends. Both wind and rain can create an electrocution hazard. Plan ahead by removing any electrical items which may be exposed to wind and rain. Electrical hazards are often invisible so please keep safe and prevent yourself or others by being aware of your surroundings and taking action. 

SwanCare has a renewed focus on Safety to ensure all our residents and staff remain safe every day. To assist in communicating our SwanSafe way of working, and in recogition World Day for Safety and Health at Work, some of our dedicated Safety Representatives participated in an informative yet touching video to share what it truly means to be SwanSafe. You can view the video by clicking here.

We encourage you to take steps to prepare yourself for the winter months by considering these simple tips above and by adopting a Safety Always mindset. Remember, if you need assistance during these times, the team at SwanCare are here to help! 

- Paul Marshall, Work Health & Safety Coordinator 


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