A Driving Passion

A Driving Passion
Retirement Living

Meet our latest volunteer village bus drivers.

When Geoff Pointon first moved into SwanCare Bentley Park in 2021, he was excited to learn he could leverage his experience and qualifications as a career bus driver for the village. Geoff not only volunteers his time as a driver, taking residents on various excursions, but also provides new driver training.

With 34 years in the public transport industry, a HR Heavy Vehicle Driving Instructors License, and a Certificate 4 in Workplace Training and Assessment, Geoff mentors our growing team of drivers. This team includes our latest volunteer’s, retirement living residents Annette Lennerts and Ricki McPherson.

Ricki became curious about driving after reading about the bus driving role in the weekly notice. While she had never driven a bus previously, Ricki explains it was the perfect opportunity to learn a new skill which inspired her to give it a go, “To me, it was an adventure,” she said.

After her first driving lesson with Geoff, Ricki found her confidence, “I became alive behind the wheel. I felt no fear, only excitement. It’s so much fun.”

Once she heard the village had a shortage of bus drivers, it didn’t take Annette long to join either, “I wanted to help out,” Annette explained, “When we’re older and frailer, we hope that others will do the same for us. I know there will come a time where I will no longer be able to, but why not help while I still can?”

Annette was familiar with driving longer vehicles after caravanning across Australia. Although a bus was new to her, she felt quite comfortable behind the wheel. Giving herself just two and a half weeks to master the skill, Annette proudly passed her test this May.

Like Annette, Ricki says she also enjoys being able to give back to the SwanCare community and says
that becoming a bus driver is the best thing she’s done since moving to Bentley Park nearly five years ago.

“I absolutely love it!” Ricki says, “It’s enabled me to meet new, wonderful people and it gives me this sense I’m contributing to the village. I would encourage anyone to give it a go.”

Both ladies say they love being part of SwanCare’s retirement village, especially when it comes to its people.
“My husband and I looked at a lot of other villages but none of them felt as happy as Bentley Park. Everyone is so lovely, we’re lucky to live here,” Annette said.

Ricki agreed, adding there is always something for everyone, “There’s lots of activities on offer but if you’d rather do your own thing, there is space for that too. I love the community here.”

SwanCare would not be the same without our valuable volunteer bus drivers. Thank you all for providing our residents with the opportunity to explore beyond our own campus.


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