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Dementia Care in Perth, WA

SwanCare is a West Australian, not-for-profit organisation that has supported seniors since 1961. As a premier provider of aged care services, SwanCare offers trust, compassion, dedicated care and absolute peace of mind. We pride ourselves on providing award-winning care and services to support the growing number of people with dementia in Australia.

As WA’s largest single retirement and aged care site, SwanCare Bentley Park offers a unique, integrated model of care and support for those living with dementia.

In the Bentley Park retirement village, there’s support services for residents with dementia to stay independent and as care needs increase, the on-site SwanCare at Home service is always available. As a continuum of services, those with higher needs can transition into residential care in SwanCare’s care facilities, as needed.

Residential Dementia Care at SwanCare

SwanCare offers multiple residential care facilities providing a range of dementia care services, including:

  • Dementia friendly enviroments
  • 24/7 personal care
  • Assistance with nursing & activities of daily living
  • Administering medication
  • Provision of meals and laundry
  • Social and recreation activities
  • Allied health - GP's, physiotherapy, dietetic services, podiatry, speech pathology, gerontologist & consultant pharmacy.
  • Diversional therapy including pet therapy, beauty & pamper sessions, multi-cultural programs, virtual reality goggles, interactive wall and sundowning activities.

SwanCare’s newest residential care offering, SwanCare Ningana, will open in 2020 to offer an adaptable living concept and cater for the next generation of aged care residents.

The new design concept imitates the familiar concepts in the outside world, offering the analogy of a home, street, neighbourhood, village and town.

Taking a whole-of-building approach to dementia care, rooms are clustered into groups of eight, sharing dining, living and kitchenette areas and a protected winter garden allowing access to the outdoors.

Reflecting the need identified by SwanCare for some larger rooms that might be occupied by singles, couples or siblings, the facility offers choice and an environment that is purpose-built to keep people together in the latter part of their life.

At SwanCare Kingia, we offer a specialised dementia wing providing superior accommodation and services for seniors who require assistance with daily living in a secure environment.  Each private suite is tastefully and comfortably furnished.

Leisure areas cater for a varied program of lifestyle activities that support and encourage a warm and engaging sense of community. The wing also features an interactive wall as well as a purpose-built kitchen for baking.

A specially designed sensory garden allows residents to step outside into the open-air. The garden boasts nature-based enrichment elements including a flowing fishpond, games grass, wind chimes, and bird feeders.

Independent Living with Dementia at SwanCare

SwanCare Bentley Park offers a holistic approach to dementia care with quality services delivered across its independent retirement living village. These services include:

  • Free 24-hour onsite resident support and security services
  • Service integration coaching to ensure that residents have access to all the relevant local services available
  • Assistance with technologies in the home for dementia care, such as alarms and movement tracking devices
  • Meals, laundry and grocery delivery services
  • Onsite home care services for retirement village residents – for both fast-tracked or casual care (privately billed), or funded via the Government’s Home Care Packages Program
  • Onsite respite care, which enables carers to take a break from the daily demands of care giving

Families will have confidence that their loved one is receiving quality individualised care, and will be treated with the upmost respect, dignity and compassion.

To find out more about our dementia services within a SwanCare residential care facility, speak to us on 6250 0250 or email care@swancare.com.au.

For further information about dementia support provided within the SwanCare Bentley Park village, please contact us at 6250 0000 or email retire@swancare.com.au.

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