Clinical Services

At SwanCare we offer a broad range of clinical services and have registered nurses onsite 24 hours a day. Staff are provided with ongoing clinical training and education, both internally and externally to uphold best practice.

Dementia Care

Our attentive team at SwanCare are trained to care for people with dementia, ensuring comfort, nurturing reminiscences, and brightening the day of our residents. Our lifestyle team runs the very best activities programs fostering friendships and interactions, and our interactive wall in the secure wing, as well as robots, harness the latest in technology to encourage further stimulation and entertainment.

Complex Nursing Procedures

Individual care is prioritised at SwanCare and clinical nursing care is offered for a number of complex procedures including PEG feeds, tracheostomy, and stoma therapy.

Palliative Care

At SwanCare our nurses have the skills and knowledge to care for palliative residents, without the need to transition to unfamiliar surroundings. This enables our residents to remain in comfortable, supportive and familiar care.

SwanCare works in partnership with the Metropolitan Palliative Health Care Service providing advice and ongoing education and support for staff, residents, and families with regard to palliative care and end of life options and services.

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