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Among our incredible team of nearly 700 staff, sits a group of dedicated individuals who make up our SwanCare At Home team.

31st January 2024

Among our incredible team of nearly 700 staff, sits a group of dedicated individuals who make up our SwanCare At Home team. This team provide specialised Home Care services to residents in the Bentley Park village and beyond. It’s because of their role and the passionate hard work that goes behind it, members of our community can continue feeling supported while living independently in the comfort of their own home; and for that, we say “thank you!”

Joining us in giving thanks is SwanCare retirement living resident, Lorraine Blair. 

“I have been receiving the services for about three years now and I have no complaints, it’s absolutely excellent.” 

Lorraine enjoys spending time with Community Assistant Stephanie, where the pair are often found sharing a laugh together while browsing at the shops, finishing the afternoon with a cuppa and biscuits back at Lorraine’s home. 

“I want to thank Stephanie, and all the Home Care staff, particularly for the dignity they show you,” says Lorraine, “With them you don’t feel like just another client, you feel like a friend.”

CEO Graham Francis says it’s relationships like Lorraine’s and Stephanie’s that demonstrate the positive impact of our Home Care team. 

“They work tirelessly, utilising their advanced skills and genuine compassion to care for those who require that additional support. 

Whether it’s in the comfort of the client’s home or through engaging experiences amongst the wider community, these team members put so much heart and meaning behind every interaction, and continuously put those they’re caring for right at the forefront.

I could not be prouder of the individuals who make up our Home Care team, and I wish to sincerely thank each and every one of them for their contributions to our SwanCare community.”

Community Living Manager, Natalie Hodi, agreed, adding how every role in Home Care is just as integral as the next.

“From the staff who cover the all-important administration tasks, to the staff that provide hands-on care, together they each form a united team of passionate individuals who truly go above and beyond to provide the upmost care to members of our community.  

It’s no surprise that I receive positive feedback about our Home Care team on a regular basis, the role they play is significant, and I hope they know that their hard work does not go unnoticed. I think I can speak for us all when I say we sincerely appreciate all that they do.”

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