Future Proofing your Retirement

Future Proofing your Retirement
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Many people wonder what a move to SwanCare looks like and where to start. Matt answers some frequently asked questions.

Many people wonder what a move to SwanCare looks like and where to start. Here’s some frequently asked questions about moving into the SwanCare Bentley Park retirement living village and aged care centres.

There are various reasons that someone would consider a move to SwanCare Bentley Park, but with so many accommodation options and services available it can be difficult to know where to start. Quite often the best way to start is with a call to our Retirement Living Consultant, Matt Southgate.

We asked Matt a few questions on how he helps people discover the right accommodation for them. Here’s what we found:

Q: Describe a typical enquiry and how you can help them.
Usually when someone first enquires, I’ll ask about their current home, where it is and why they are considering a move. Usually this leads onto their current health and wellbeing which is a great help in determining whether independent living in our retirement village would be the best option, or perhaps they would be better suited to a room in one of our residential care facilities.

Q: What is the difference between independent living and residential care? Do you have both on site at SwanCare Bentley Park?
Yes, we have both independent living accommodation and residential care here at SwanCare Bentley Park.

Independent living, as the name suggests, is a home that is most suited to those that are of good to reasonable health and are capable of managing day to day activities like cooking and cleaning (although home care assistance can be provided, if necessary).

Residential care is better suited to those that have reached a stage in life where more regular and higher care is required. This is normally determined by an ACAT assessment which can be organised by a doctor or through the My Aged Care website - http://www.myagedcare.gov.au. This will be required before an admission can be considered into one of our four wonderful care facilities.

Q: Is it possible for someone to first move into independent living and then move again to residential care if their care needs increase?
Absolutely. There have been many instances where couples have moved into SwanCare independent living accommodation, and then one or both have transitioned into residential care. Many people choose SwanCare Bentley Park for this very reason, it gives them great comfort to know that should their partner need to move into care they can still visit every day as its all on the one site.

What are some of the other advantages to moving to SwanCare Bentley Park?

There are many reasons and advantages for someone to make the move into SwanCare, but here are just a few:
  • No need for you to do home maintenance, our maintenance team are on hand should something need attending to.
  • Added security, we have staff onsite 24/7 that can be called upon by the push of a button (or phone call) if required.
  • Social activities a plenty. Every month we have a vast number of clubs and activities that you can get involved in if you choose to, but if you like to live privately and do your own thing, well that’s ok too.
  • Our brand-new award-winning Leisure precinct. This needs to be seen to be believed! A heated pool, gymnasium and huge club room all right on your doorstep, it would be hard to find a neighbourhood like it. Click here to learn more.
If you want to find out more about SwanCare Bentley Park and see how you could benefit from a move to this amazing community, why not give Matt a call today on 08 6250 0016.

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