Feathers Winners May 2024

Feathers Winners May 2024
Our People

Meet the 30 incredible team members who have been awarded our overall Feathers winners for the month of May.

Our May Feather winners have proven that teamwork most definitely is dream work! Congratulations to Hospitality Team Leaders, Jessie Lim and Maribel Schofield and the entire team of Food Service Assistants! That includes Lynne Galpin, Evelyn Tietz, Peter Ndlovu, Ashleigh Pellington, Oveelen Nynan, Virly Marquez, Angelica Carino, Paolo Andres, Aashish Shrestha, Kristin Williams, Lovish Bhatia, Barsha Sunar, Shiela Esler, Ravikant Sah, Ugyen Pema Norbu, Daniel Serrano, Abhishek Nihure, Libby Kearns, Aayushi Poudel, Sandip Subedi, Ico Mero, Mark Guintu, Lisa Field, Thinley Jamtsho, Kamana Thapa, Manasa Ramsamy, Saurab Chand, and Aaron Francis. What a powerhouse!

“This group of individuals have shown great perseverance when battling a broken dishwasher at SwanCare Waminda. They all banded together to change their daily routine to best accommodate the need to cart dishes to and from The Club kitchen to use that dishwasher in the meantime while waiting for replacement parts to arrive for the one onsite. Thanks, team, for proving how resilient you all are.”

Workplace challenges like this can only be managed through sheer teamwork, which our wonderful staff have demonstrated. Thank you all! May proved to be a busy month of Feathers nominations, with plenty to celebrate with our other inspiring category winners. Read on to find out about the incredible work happening behind the scenes of SwanCare.

Category Winners


Jeffrey De-Asis, Physiotherapy Assistant – SwanCare Kingia

“Jeffrey spends time assisting dad with walking, which dad struggles with but really enjoys. One afternoon I popped in and saw dad with Jeffery in the hall on his chair, obviously having a rest from walking. Jeffrey was massaging his shoulders and talking with him, being so gentle and thoughtful with him. He is always willing to assist us regardless of the task, and is one person we can count on to be extremely patient with dad. Given dad's communication is rapidly declining, it really does take extraordinary patience to ascertain what dad requires, as nothing comes quickly anymore. I would like to recognise Jeffrey for giving my dad the dignity and respect he so deserves, just by simply spending the time he does with him. His compassion shines bright!”

Jeffrey, you define the meaning of compassion, its people like you that make the world a better place. Thank you!


Repeka Kirianu, Enrolled Nurse – SwanCare Waminda

“Recently, one of our residents who is in hospital desperately needed some personal items brought to them, but their family were unable to. Bex without hesitation and in her own time went to the hospital and personally delivered these to the resident. This is just one of the ways Bex goes above and beyond for our residents.”

Repeka, your efforts do not go unnoticed. You are making a real difference, thank you!


Cerelyn Smith, AIN – SwanCare Kingia

“Cerelyn is the only one who actively participated with activities - I have worked with many floaters. We all knew she organised some activities during weekends. She always discussed with me how to set up the Chromecast (play quiz), which activity would be most suitable, what kind of equipment I could offer etc. She even gave feedback about our activities so that we could improve our programs. She has gone above what she should perform because she's reliable, confident, motivated, and a critical thinker. She's an outstanding employee. Thank you, Cerelyn, for supporting our work.”

What fantastic feedback Cerelyn! You are clearly a loved and valued member of the SwanCare family. Thank you!


Rachit Patel, Sous Chef - Hospitality 

“Rachit consistently demonstrates exemplary qualities of leadership and dedication. He goes above and beyond his role and is always striving to foster a positive and supportive work environment. Rachit's proactive nature and willingness to lend a helping hand have been invaluable to our team's success. One of Rachit's notable strengths is his eagerness to assist in various tasks, including training sessions for different recipes. He actively engages in training sessions, ensuring our team is well-prepared to handle upcoming menu choices. His commitment to continuous improvement and his proactive approach to learning are truly commendable. Rachit is highly deserving of the Feather Award for his exceptional contributions to our team. His dedication enthusiasm and positive impact on our workplace culture are truly remarkable.”

Rachit we commend you on your admirable leadership qualities and dedication to your work. Thank you!


Gail Dunn, Accounts Payable – Admin

“With the new invoice processing system, Gail has been exceptionally helpful and patient in guiding me through the process. Her support has been invaluable in helping me understand the system effectively. She took the time to clarify any doubts and provided clear explanations every step of the way. Thanks to her guidance I feel more confident and capable of handling invoice processing tasks. Her efforts deserve recognition and appreciation.”

Gail your knowledge and expertise is much appreciated, thank you for sharing it with the rest of the team!


Beverely Froggatt, Receptionist – SwanCare Tandara

“I would like to award Bev Feathers please. Recently while I was off sick, Bev came and did all my filing for me. This was on top of her own work and also assisted SwanCare Kingia. Helping me with this made such a difference to my return to work and what I could achieve to get back up to date.”

Looking out for your peers and supporting them when needed are essential ingredients to a successful team. Thank you for being such a great team player Beverely!

About Feathers

The Feathers rewards program offers a platform for others to nominate a SwanCare team member for their significant contribution to the organisation. It may be a nomination from a colleague, resident, or a resident’s family. Award winners can collect Feathers reward points then redeem them for prizes from our online catalogue. It’s just a small way we can acknowledge and thank our people for their hard work and commitment to SwanCare.

Nominate someone!

Do you know someone who goes above and beyond, while displaying SwanCare’s values? If you would like to acknowledge a colleague, or someone you know who works at SwanCare, please fill out a Feathers nomination form, available at any SwanCare Reception area. 


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