50 Years of Richard Cleaver Lodge

50 Years of Richard Cleaver Lodge
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We love a good celebration at SwanCare! We recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of Richard Cleaver Lodge with morning tea.

We love a good celebration at SwanCare, and recently a morning tea was held to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Richard Cleaver Lodge at Bentley Park.

Built in 1972, the popular apartment complex has housed many residents over the years. In fact, it was the first retirement apartment complex of its kind built in Perth, so it holds many dear memories.

SwanCare CEO Graham Francis said the building played a special part in SwanCare’s history.

“It’s a testament to buildings built back then, she has strong bones,” Graham said. “Richard Cleaver Lodge is a really important to SwanCare. It’s named after our founder who was an incredible man. Richard had a lot of foresight and vision; he was ahead of his time with this retirement building. It’s a credit to him and a credit to SwanCare. We’ve continued building apartments and this year we have plan to renovate the lounge areas on each floor of this building for our residents to enjoy.”

To commemorate the anniversary, Tidings also asked some residents to share what they love about life here at Richard Cleaver Lodge:

“It’s so peaceful and everyone’s so nice. I live in a bedsit, and I love the layout of it. Each floor also has a lounge with a lovely balcony for when visitors come over.” 
Lorelei Rose - Resident

“I love the support of my neighbours and the staff, but I also love the independence it has given me and my daughter. I also like that SwanCare is very transparent and keeps us up to date with all the happenings in the area through notices.” 
Lorraine Blair - Resident

“The idea moving of into SwanCare was around actually having a life, instead of just living. Previously John and I lived in Busselton, but we felt confined to the home due to John’s illness. SwanCare is perfect as it’s both secure and comfortable. The new Leisure Precinct facilities have increased liveability on campus, allowing me to slip off to the pools for some exercise while John is sleeping or watching TV. I’m also working on encouraging more community life with monthly meet ups for the residents, so we can all share each other’s company. It’s so nice to get to know your neighbours and look out for each other, if we know someone is unwell or if we haven’t seen someone in a while we can check-in.” 
Shane Annert - Resident

Residents at the morning tea indulged in great cake and enjoyed great conversations. Some even making new friends along the way!

Well done to Shane for organising the morning tea and we wish them well with their monthly community events! 

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