Neighbourhood Natter Podcast

Do you ever wonder about the stories that live right next door?

Retirement living resident, Kerri, has recently moved into the Bentley Park village and she’s on a mission to meet her new neighbours.

Good, trying, funny, unexpected – whatever it is, we all have a story to share. So, over a hot cuppa, Kerri sits down with our residents for a good old natter, and you're invited to join them! 

Latest episode:

Jenny Dawson

Episode 6:  A Natter with Jenny

In our final episode of SwanCare's Neighbourhood Natter, we have the pleasure of getting to know retirement living resident, Jenny Dawson. 

In a light-hearted and insightful conversation with Kerri, Jenny shares stories from her childhood and the challenges she faced navigating vision impairment. We also learn about Jenny's family, including the story behind how she met her husband of 40 years, and the incredible initiative they started right here at Bentley Park. 

Previous episodes:

Charlie Joseph

Episode 1:  A Natter with Charlie

SwanCare retirement living resident Charlie Joseph is a proud family man, published author and alien-enthusiast. 

In our first episode of the series, Charlie tells us of his self-described “wild child" years which lead him to experience a love-life like no other! Among other things we learn more about his unique upbringing, passion for ufology and life as a writer. 

Ricki McPherson

Episode 2:  A Natter with Ricki

Meet one of our most spirited and vibrant retirement living residents, Ricki McPherson. 

Ricki's strong sense of adventure has been around since she was a young child, starting when her family moved from their home country, Holland, to the great Aussie outback – talk about a change! We hear some of Ricki’s hilarious stories as well some heartfelt tales, including the one piece of advice she would give to her younger self. 

Bill Waterer

Episode 3:  A Natter with Bill

If you walked past Bill in your neighbourhood, there’s every chance you may never guess the interesting life he has led. 

In this episode we hear about Bill's passion for humanitarian work, which lead him to go on to win the prestigious Order of Australia Medal. He also speaks of his friendship with world-renowned primatologist and anthropologist, Dr. Jane Goodall, and his role as State Coordinator in her Roots & Shoots program. 

Judy Mackintosh

Episode 4:  A Natter with Judy

After becoming a Registered Nurse at 21 years of age, retirement living resident, Judy Mackintosh, set out on a plan to combine her career in nursing with her strong passion for travel. Although things got interesting when she met her soon-to-be husband, Bill, a “bank boy” from the country town who was determined to be with Judy no matter what. 

We hear all about their love story as well as Judy’s childhood, her family life and, of course, so much more.

John Bates

Episode 5:  A Natter with John

At 90 years old, retirement living resident John Bates continues to live life to the absolute fullest, eager to have fun and never too busy to stop for a laugh! 

As someone who is "always ready for a chat", John enjoyed having a natter with Kerri in this episode, discussing everything from what John considers to be his most impressive year, to what he says is the key to staying young. 

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