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Vacancy Spotlight: The Treasure Hunt for SwanCare’s New Facility Manager

Friday, September 27, 2019

In February, SwanCare’s new SwanCare Ningana facility will open its doors to welcome more than 125 new residents. We’re humbled and honoured to extend our care to even more senior members of our community.

A new facility means we’ll need the right people in the right places, and we’re very excited to be on a quest to grow our team by more than 100 staff!

The very first addition to our SwanCare family will be our new SwanCare Ningana Facility Manager who will be integral in bringing SwanCare Ningana to life. The Facility Manager will work side-by-side with our leadership team to plan how our new facility will function - from the staff members we bring on board, to the technology we implement, all the way down to what’s on the menu. From there, they’ll be key to the day-to-day operations of Ningana, coordinating staff and teams to ensure the highest quality care for our residents.
Jovy Tesani and Fiona Miller at our recent Feathers Leaderboard Event
But what does it mean to be a Facility Manager at SwanCare? And what does it take? To find out, we sat down with two SwanCare managers you’ll be working closely with in this role.
Meet Jovy Tesani, Manager Care Services (Kingia and Tandara Care Facility)

As the sun rises, Jovy puts the kettle on and begins leafing through hand-over notes sent by the nurses who have just clocked off. She’s getting up to speed on the evening’s events and prioritising her day around staff and residents under her care. Occasionally, she’ll receive a call from a team member informing her of something out of the ordinary. “I tell my team they must always call me for anything important. I’d much rather help from home than have any surprises when I come in,” she laughs warmly.

Jovy joined SwanCare in 2013 as a Clinical Coordinator after almost two decades as a registered nurse in the Philippines, the UK and Australia. She says the best part of her role is the compliments she receives from residents and family members for the service of care her staff has delivered. “I feel so incredibly proud of my team in those moments. It’s immensely satisfying.”
To many of our staff, Jovy is the eyes, ears and heart-beat of the facilities she manages. Her servant-leadership style and unwavering support has seen her forge meaningful relationships with staff and the leadership team, underpinned by integrity and kindness. We asked Jovy for a few words of advice to our new Facility Manager.
1. Choose your people wisely
“Getting your staff right is huge. Never hire someone just because you want to fill a position. I always ask candidates where they see themselves in five years. You need to be able to envisage the person growing and developing within your team. Sometimes, this means you need to move away from the interview script, ask some questions that dive deeper, and go by your gut.”
2. Lead by example
“As Facility Manager, we’re working with staff on the floors as well as with the leadership team. It’s critical to strike a balance between working across all levels and departments to remain present and accessible to everyone. I walk around Tandara and Kingia everyday, talking to staff and asking how they are going. It’s important they see me. When you’re a leader, you’re a servant. You need to be a role model. It’s critical to speak with your actions and set an example. Finally, show empathy by putting yourself in the shoes of your staff. I love to have lunch with my staff and I encourage them not to always talk about work. It’s important we have that time to relax and learn about what’s happening in each other’s lives.”
3. Ask for feedback to help you grow
“As a manager, relationships have their ups and downs. Sometimes, you may get negative feedback or a complaint. Rather than being upset by criticism, I have always communicated with my staff to help them understand I have a different leadership style to what they may be used to, and I have always taken their words as constructive feedback to help me grow and improve in my role. I would say to the new facility manager, don’t take any negative feedback personally, but see it as a learning opportunity.”
Meet General People and Culture General Manager, Fiona Millar
Fiona will be working closely with our new SwanCare Ningana Facility Manager during their first few months to train them and provide ongoing support. Read on as Fi shares the qualities she’s looking for in our new SwanCare Ningana Facility Manager.
1. Experience and expertise
“Our new Facility Manager will be the glue between all the departments to keep Ningana running at its best, so that our residents receive the best care. This means we’re looking for someone with a solid background in business, finance and HR, with an understanding of aged care standards and accreditations. It goes without saying that we’re looking for someone with an in-depth knowledge of the aged care sector.”
2. A passion for aged care
“Without a doubt, the single most important quality in the new Facility Manager is a passion for aged care. Passion is non-negotiable because it’s how we work together; everyone is passionate about quality care for our residents. We sing from the same song sheet.”
3. A collaborative leadership style
“Leadership at SwanCare means leading by example, living the SwanCare values, and not leaving anyone behind. It’s important our new Facility Manager can be a leader and a follower when the time is right. They will need to work with team members on the floor and the leadership team in a collaborative and inclusive way.”
Fi says collaborative leadership is also about actively asking questions and being open to receiving support and mentoring. The Ningana Facility Manager will find a strong support network in their fellow leaders with SwanCare’s open-door policy.
We’re recruiting in advance - shape the facility you’ll manage!
Our SwanCare Ningana facility doesn’t open until January, and new residents aren’t expected until March. Yet we’re recruiting a new Facility Manager now because they will be integral in shaping how Ningana will work. There will be good lead time for the person to get familiar with our processes at SwanCare, learn from other leaders, and help shape our direction.”
If you believe you have the energy, experience and leadership skills for this role, we would love to hear from you. Submit your expression of interest here.
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