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SwanCare’s Feathers Wrap Up: April 2019

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Congratulations to Heather Laws, Resident Support Coordinator, Admin, for taking out the top Feathers Award for April for Customer Service!    

Feathers Winner April 2019

This month, we recognise Heather for her outstanding effort to respond to an emergency in the early hours of the morning. Heather received a call from security regarding a break-in early on one Sunday. As the nominee wrote, “Heather came to SwanCare at 4am on her day off. She stayed until the police arrived, and didn’t return home until about 8am. Thank you Heather for so willingly giving up your free time to assist SwanCare.”


SwanCare’s Feathers nominations offer a glimpse into life at SwanCare. They show acts of kindness, courage and grace. A common thread in our Feathers nominations this month is strength of heart whereby staff went above and beyond - when the alternative would have been so easy. From Heather who awoke at 3:45am to respond to a break-in or Kidist who helped the physio team with their spring clean, to Waminda hospitalitys staff who have embraced workplace changes, we couldn’t be more proud of our SwanCare family.





Category Winners

Compassion: Suzy Suswati, Assistant in Nursing/ Activities Officer Tandara

This month, we express our deepest thanks to Suzy for her kindness in sacrificing her scheduled holidays in order to support her team. As the person nominating her wrote, “Suzy is an incredibly valuable SwanCare team member. Her unwavering dedication to her residents has seen her cancel holidays so she can cover for our lifestyle team. Thank you Suzy for your commitment to all you do - every single day. It’s a pleasure to work with you.”


Improvements, Innovation and Creativity: Shuhao Yang (Sue), Physio Therapy Assistant, Tandara

This month, Sue has taken out the Innovation Award for creating eye-catching caricature posters in her own time to promote SwanCare’s Tai Chi classes. “The drawings are vibrant and happy. They are a wonderful way to promote our classes. Sue, you are so dedicated to your residents and this latest effort just proves what an asset you are to both SwanCare and our residents. Thank you for a wonderful job!”


Leadership, Corrina Alderson Enrolled Nurse, Waminda

In April, we recognise Corrina for her excellent organisational skills when it came to a pest-control operation at Waminda. Thanks to Corrina’s exceptional efforts, the treatment was completed earlier and under budget. “This was a complex operation that involved knowing the residents’ routines and when the rooms would be vacated for the required time. Corrina’s coordination and communication skills shone brightly - so much so, that the job was completed in less than a day, rather than the predicted two days - a financial saving for us. Thank you Corrina for tackling a task not in your job description with your ‘can-do’ attitude. Feathers well deserved.”


Learning and Development, Wayne Mackenzie, Food Service Attendant Tandara

Wayne is a true role-model when it comes to self-development at SwanCare is incredibly efficient at staying on top of his training. “Wayne checks his emails daily during breaks and completes all training without being prompted. This morning, Wayne completed his training within an hour that I’d updated the module! Wayne, you are a credit to Lorelle, and a great role model to your colleagues. You always complete your work and education to the best of your ability. You should be very proud!”


Safety Awareness, Isser Patalen, Registered Nurse, Kingia

Safety is an absolute priority at SwanCare and in April, we acknowledge Isser’s quick and effective response to an incident over the weekend whereby he was the only supervisor on site. “Isser ensured everyone’s safety whilst caring for the staff involved in the incident. He was quick to respond and followed the procedure by calling security. He managed the incident very professionally. Thank you Isser.”


Teamwork, Kidist Zewdie, Housekeeping Attendant Waminda

We wish to extend a sincere thank you to Kidist for her altruism in assisting the physio department with a huge spring clean. “Without anyone asking, Kidist helped clean all the corners of physio room – and  stayed back an extra half hour. She never says no and always wears a smile, with a ‘ready to help’ attitude. Her actions made our day! We would have been stuck without Kidist!  She is a gem for Waminda.”


Team nomination, Hospitality Waminda: Savannah Hoskins, Tanya Aung, Aaron Francis, Ben Willis-Foy, Alex Ashfield, Amber Vennitti, Bonnie Hondros, Claire Lange, John Huber, Katherine Ackerly, Niranjana Bom, Paul Czirr, Oveelen Nynan

In recent months, the Aged Care sector has been transitioning towards person-centered care (PCC); empowering residents with greater choice over their lifestyle including meal options and times. This month, we commend the Waminda hospitality team for their professionalism and understanding in embracing this transition. “We’ve had a number of changes to meal-delivery. I cannot commend the team enough for their professionalism and teamwork. Nothing is too difficult and everyone made an effort to ensure the changes had the least impact on residents. They always wear a smile and are willing to help. I am so proud - it is a joy to work with them; their little jokes great sense of humour… They truly care.”


Congratulations to all nominees.

Although there can only be one winner for each category, we had many notable nominees in April.

  • Compassion: Arnel Braulio CNC
  • Customer Service: Enock Badu AO, Tandara, Tanya Rose AIN/AO
  • Safety Awareness: Remya Menon, Physio
  • Leadership: Isser Patalen RN Kingia, Amit Kumar Physiotherapist
  • Improvements, Innovation and Creativity: Francis Ericson (IT), Jovy Tesani Facility Manager Kingia/Tandara
  • Learning and Development: Iva Gayagoy RN Tandara, Velvet Barrett AO
  • Teamwork: Dave Aujla AIN Waminda, Marie Dadson FSA Kingia, Tandara, Teresa Strelley, DTC  Tandara


Team nominations: Joanne Ayton and Alia Arias, ACFI Team Waminda for their compassion for taking initiative in assisting a resident in need, when they could have referred the situation directly to an Assistant in Nursing. 


Congratulations to all of our Feathers nominees!


About Feathers

The Feathers Rewards Program is our way of celebrating staff achievements, recognising staff across seven categories based on the SwanCare values - including teamwork, leadership and customer service. Anyone from our community can nominate staff for their great work; from spending extra time with our residents, to delivering a great project, to helping family members through difficult times. Staff accumulate Feathers rewards points and redeem prizes from an online prize catalogue.


Nominate someone!

Is there someone you know who goes the extra mile? If you’d like to recognise an exceptional colleague for displaying SwanCare’s values, SwanCare staff can submit a Feathers Award nomination via the online Feathers platform here - https://swancare.browniepoints.com.au


Share your stories with the SwanCare Stories Team

With 28 staff members nominated for a Feathers Award in February, it’s clear there are so many wonderful stories to share about what goes on at SwanCare every day. That is why we have launched an internal SwanCare stories team to capture these moments. If you have something to share, big or small, please let one of the SwanCare Stories Team members know so we can share positive news with everyone. Email stories@swancare.com.au to share yours.

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