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Project Update

March 2019

SwanCare Bentley Park continues to evolve as the Leisure Precinct and SwanCare Ningana take shape.


Grocery Store/Hairdresser

The Village Grocery Store and Hair on Swan hairdresser & beauty salon has moved to Adie Court. The new amenities complement Sophia's Cafe, the Akora piazza space and dual bus stops to create a new bustling "main street" for Bentley Park.  

The old grocery store building has been handed over to the builders for refurbishment to create a new cultural centre.


Leisure Precinct

Things are moving swiftly!


  • The new multilevel carpark – situated where the maintenance shed once was – is on schedule with the concrete structure complete.
  • The area outside of the ex-Stratton Centre building and beside the old grocery store is now closed until further notice to allow ramp construction to new leisure building.
  • The Leisure Precinct main buidling's concrete structure is underway.
  • The cultural centre (ex Grocery Store) conversion has commenced.
  • The fire ring main works are almost complete within the Phillips, Pugh and Lindsey sections. Reinstatement works to landscaping will now take place.
  • The Lentz to Adie Court footpath is now closed until approximately 12th April 2019 to construct a portion of the new Boulevard, Sound Pavilion, install a new Substation and new Adie Court Carpark. Following this, the completed Boulevard will reopen. Lentz parking will remain mostly unaffected. 
  • Due to the closure of Lentz to Adie Footpath, a new footpath has been constructed behind the old grocery store through to Bollig Gardens. Existing footpaths have been widened through Bollig Gardens to allow for the safe travel of the buggies and pedestrians. The diversion will be in effect from 7am on the 7th January 2019.

Waminda Refurbishment

All spaces are now reopened at Waminda and all activities operating within their final locations.  

The Waminda kitchen refurbishment will occur mid-2019 to tie in with other works. 

Outside, the new garden space will complement the new Ranyard lounge and is complete. 

SwanCare Kingia & SwanCare Ningana

SwanCare Ningana is a couple of weeks behind schedule, the builder is hoping to make time up through the construction. The excavation for the basement is complete with concrete footings, slab and columns now being poured.

Spritz Cafe

Upon completion, Swancare Ningana will adjoin with SwanCare Kingia and the connection point will be a new Spritz Cafe.  To make way for the development, Spritz Cafe is closed and a small pop-up cafe within the children's play room at SwanCare Kingia has been opened. The space will be trading as Spritz Express and will be serving tea, coffee and snacks.

The new Spritz Cafe is due to be opened upon completion of SwanCare Ningana in October 2019. 


For more information on developments, SwanCare residents can tune into SwanCare TV on channel 101. Live construction works can also be viewed on Construction TV – see channel 102.


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