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Staff Profiles

SwanCare is an organisation built upon people looking after people. The Bentley Park site has grown to be the largest aged care and retirement site in Western Australia and SwanCare has a reputation as a leader in our field.

At SwanCare, we believe that our people are our success. We improve lives for a living and are proud of our people for all they do. 



Tanya Rose, Person Centred Carer

Tanya joined SwanCare in 2016 within the Person Centred Care team, bringing with her more than a decade of knowledge and experience. Beyond her skills and passion for her work, it is Tanya’s vibrancy and down to earth approach that makes her such a vital part of the SwanCare team.

Tanya is responsible for anything a resident requires relating to their person - whether it’s support with showering, dressing, eating, moving from one place to another or anything in between.

“Our goal is always the resident and I love that the work is so one on one. We get to be close with the residents and get to really know them. I like being able to help and know, that at the end of the day, I’ve done something great for a resident.”

Every role and workplace has its challenges. For Tanya, difficult days are when residents are unwell or when dementia patients are needing extra support. However, these are challenges she always takes in her stride, drawing on her experience and the unwavering support from those around her.

“I have never worked in a place where everyone is so supportive and approachable, no matter their role or level. It’s very refreshing that everyone wants to help one another. I love that our managers make the time to come out and see what’s happening on the floor. There is such a strong sense of community all around.”

 “SwanCare offers education programs and training sessions throughout the year. I’ve recently completed a mini course called Dementia Essentials. Some of our residents do suffer from dementia, so to be able to build on the knowledge you already have in order to improve their lives, that’s a great feeling.”


Colin Manes, ICT Manager

Along with a small, dedicated ICT team, Colin works on technology across the organisation. An average day for Colin can involve anything from technical work, interacting with suppliers, procurement, negotiations and identifying growth areas for technology. For Colin, the best projects are implementing new technology bringing enjoyment and making jobs easier. He focuses on continuous improvement, knowing that the work he does impacts on residents through his colleagues.

While Colin joined the team at the end of 2016, his journey with SwanCare began a few years earlier, in a previous role as a supplier for SwanCare.

“In my previous role as a supplier, I was able to see how SwanCare treated everyone and I really liked how focused on people they were. In that role, I was once taken on a tour and it was easy to see how the value and importance placed on residents extended to their employees. I was looking for a workplace that was people-centric, so when I saw this job advertised - it was a no-brainer for me to apply!”

“What we have here is a fun environment that gives back. You look around and see that everyone wants to be here. I’m yet to meet someone who doesn’t acknowledge others and enjoy what they do. It’s really encouraging. There is a strong sense of community at SwanCare and we all help create that community feel.”


Sathish Kumar, Head Chef

Meet our Head Chef Sathish Kumar, who leads a team of seven chefs.

“My goal is to give residents as much flavour as possible. I don’t want to serve them a similar product every day -it’s my passion to provide them with different experiences.”

We strive to continually develop skills and grow knowledge among the SwanCare team. As part of this focus, Sathish recently travelled to the Barossa in South Australia to take part in the 'Creating an Appetite for Life' education program run by renowned cook, author and restaurateur Maggie Beer. As part of the Maggie Beer Foundation, the program’s vision is to ensure that all residents in aged care are provided with fresh food and flavour - a vision that perfectly aligns with Sathish’s passion in the work he does.

“My work is definitely busy! Right now, we have a new kitchen being built so I’m getting to spend time being involved in that which is really exciting. Obviously, I’m also busy working with the other chefs to coordinate what they’re doing for the day, what’s being plated up and the quality of the food.”


Von Isser Patalan, Registered Nurse

Isser first joined the SwanCare team in 2014 as a carer, before completing his Bachelor of Nursing and becoming a registered nurse with us in 2015. Isser continues to grow in his role, building on the experience he gained in the Philippines working within operating theatres.

“I have to admit, before I considered working here I did worry that aged care would be less dynamic than a hospital environment. But I could not have been more wrong!”

But at the end of the day, his key motivation comes down to helping others.

“I will always make time to sit down and talk with residents. It really is my favourite thing. Helping the elderly is so important to me. In the past, I took care of my grandparents and when I’m at SwanCare I consider all residents as my grandparents. The feeling that I’m able to help them like my own family is a good feeling.”

Isser says he has been able to learn more at SwanCare than he could have imagined. Recently attending a three day education and training session through Alzheimer’s Australia WA, Isser was able to grow his knowledge within this important area and bring back valuable skills to help improve the lives of our dementia patients.

“I love working at SwanCare. It’s a great place to work, no matter your role. Being able to help people is a very rewarding thing. We have a good environment, a friendly team and the chance to work with so many wonderful residents. I really don’t think you could find another place like SwanCare.”

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