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Meet Tanya Rose

Tanya Rose, Assistant in Nursing


Tanya’s story

Tanya joined SwanCare in 2016 within the Assistant in Nursing team, bringing with her more than a decade of knowledge and experience. Beyond her skills and passion for her work, it is Tanya’s vibrancy and down to earth approach that makes her such a vital part of the SwanCare team.

Tanya is responsible for anything a resident requires relating to their person - whether it’s support with showering, dressing, eating, moving from one place to another or anything in between.

“Our goal is always the resident and I love that the work is so one on one. We get to be close with the residents and get to really know them. I like being able to help and know, that at the end of the day, I’ve done something great for a resident.”

Every role and workplace has its challenges. For Tanya, difficult days are when residents are unwell or when dementia patients are needing extra support. However, these are challenges she always takes in her stride, drawing on her experience and the unwavering support from those around her.

“I have never worked in a place where everyone is so supportive and approachable, no matter their role or level. It’s very refreshing that everyone wants to help one another. I love that our managers make the time to come out and see what’s happening on the floor. There is such a strong sense of community all around.”

“SwanCare offers education programs and training sessions throughout the year. I’ve recently completed a mini course called Dementia Essentials. Some of our residents do suffer from dementia, so to be able to build on the knowledge you already have in order to improve their lives, that’s a great feeling.”


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