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Maintenance Officer, Scott Arkwright

Maintenance With Meaning

Scott Arkwright with resident Pam Hind

SwanCare Maintenance Officer Scott Arkwright with resident Pam Hind.


Our Maintenance Officer, Scott Arkwright, decided to join SwanCare back in 2005, having never worked in aged care before. That decision changed his life. For thirteen years, he’s brought his skills, a great work ethic and a dedication to our residents. In return we’ve helped him find real purpose, personal challenge … and a wonderful wife!

Scott Arkwright will be the first person to tell you he’s a bit of an introvert. He’ll also tell you he loves fixing things. It’s perhaps surprising, then, that he describes his maintenance role at SwanCare as “10% fixing stuff, 90% listening, supporting and mediating!” Such is the life of any aged care employee, whatever their role. And although he admits it didn’t come naturally to him, Scott says the everyday interactions with residents and staff have become a big motivator to come to work every day.

“A Maintenance role here at SwanCare is about so much more than just fixing things. In the independent living village, where I do most of my work now, we’re the front-line for the residents. For some, our staff are the only people they see every day. So the way we behave really matters.”

For Scott, and for all our team, that’s a huge responsibility, and he’s quick to point out that a role in our Maintenance Team definitely isn’t for everyone.

“You have to have patience and enjoy working in a team environment. Most importantly, you have to want to help people and be able to interact with everyone. You can't be self-absorbed here - it just won’t work.”


A SwanCare Wedding!

One thing Scott didn’t expect when he joined SwanCare was that he’d meet his future wife! Sharon Arkwright is a Training Officer and another huge SwanCare advocate! They met while working together and feel very connected to our staff and their residents. And how could they not? Their colleagues organised a surprise wedding reception for them, followed by a ‘fake wedding’ - dress and suit, cardboard cake and all! Many of our residents attended and two of them dutifully took on the roles of Bridesmaid and Best Man! For years afterwards, one resident in particular regularly told visitors “I went to her wedding, you know”, adding “It’s a shame they couldn’t afford a real cake”!

“I guess that story shows you what this place is like,” Scott explains. “It’s like a family.”

It certainly is!

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