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Our SwanCare Hospitality Family

At SwanCare, more than 100 dedicated staff members work behind the scenes to ensure our residents and our teams have the best day they can. These unsung heroes take care of every possible need of our residents, from preparing delicious meals, to ensuring our residents enjoy a sparkling-clean home - and everything in between. Our hospitality staff take pride in their work, and with smiles all round, it’s clear to see they do an incredible job.

We asked some of our fantastic staff what it means to work in hospitality at SwanCare, and what lights up their day.


Meet Kaye, Laundry and Cleaning Team Leader

Kaye Mudra

Having worked at SwanCare for 12 years, Kaye leads our team of cleaners across Tandara, Kingia and Waminda to ensure our facilities are maintained to the highest standard.

Fiona Millar, SwanCare’s General Manager - People & Culture, reflects on Kaye’s contributions: “Kaye is an absolute trooper - she’s up with the sun everyday, and always extends a helping hand no matter how busy she may be,” Fiona says.

It’s clear Kaye feels truly connected to her team and our residents at SwanCare. “The best part of my role is being able to give my best to our residents, and to train, grow and inspire my team. We’re all family,” she says.

After more than a decade at SwanCare, Kaye has a number of beautiful memories, but she says her favourite is of a resident who gave her a hug every single day. “I came in on Christmas day and gave the resident a Christmas bear. She started to cry and hugged me. She said it was very special - and that she would always remember that. There was never a day she wouldn't look out for me along the passage.”


Matt, SwanCare Business Analyst and part time hospitality staff

Matt Upston

Matt brings a diverse and unique skill set to SwanCare.

Matt joined SwanCare in 2017 as a part-time food service attendant while studying applied mathematics. After graduating, Matt could have worked anywhere - from procurement to analysis or consultancy. However, he decided to stay, saying that if he were to apply his new skills anywhere, he wished it to be with SwanCare.

In February, we were delighted to have Matt join us as a part time Business Analyst. We were thrilled that he also chose to keep working in a part-time hospitality role, because he didn’t want to lose contact with our residents and the hospitality team.

Taking a look back on the last two years, Matt has been an incredible asset to SwanCare.

As the sun rises, Matt and the hospitality team toast bread, chop fruit and set up tea and coffee for the cheerful breakfast crowd. Next, they prepare morning tea and lunch, before baking fresh scones for afternoon tea.

Of course, Matt’s role involves more than simply preparing nutritious meals for our residents. “We care for those who aren’t able to look after themselves anymore. The entire hospitality team aspires to ensure all our residents are comfortable and happy in their new homes, and that they can retain a regular lifestyle,” he says. 

It’s the small moments that make all the difference, says Matt. “When one particular resident was new to SwanCare, I’d make her a cup of tea, and every time, she'd ask my name. After a couple of weeks she'd hear me coming and call out, ‘There's Matthew coming with the tea!’ It’s such a small thing, but it still makes me smile every time I hear her call out in the morning.”


Clive Castagnet, our Café All Rounder

Clive Castagnet

Clive joined SwanCare in 2016, after his mother, who works in hospitality for Kingia and Waminda, encouraged him to apply. Clive has been an integral member of our hospitality team at our Spritz Café ever since.

Clive is known for thinking innovatively to create the best experiences for our residents and customers.

Fiona Millar reflects on how Clive requested for a particular brand of coffee to serve at the café. The new coffee has been such a hit that workers from local businesses make their way to SwanCare in their break.

“We all know the importance of coffee - and no one knows this better than Clive. He approached the SwanCare Board last year and campaigned for investment in a different, high quality coffee. He’s always looking to improve our customers’ experiences,” Fiona says.

When asked about his favourite memory, Clive says there are too many to talk about, but a particular memory has stayed with him.
“I saw that a resident from the dementia ward was confused and quite distressed, and then I noticed another resident calming her down by holding her hand. I stood there for a minute and thought how many residents are in the same boat, but they still feel others’ pain and help one another.”


Thank you to all our hospitality staff

At SwanCare, we are blessed to have so many incredible individuals giving their all and more, every single day. Thank you Kaye, Matt and Clive, and to all our wonderful hospitality workers who work tirelessly to make sure everything runs smoothly at SwanCare. Your work makes us smile more than 58 times a day.

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