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Growing together: As SwanCare evolves, our people do too

Ashleigh Fitzgerald

Over the last twelve months, SwanCare has seen some exciting developments, including the opening of our Ningana care facility, our Technology Hub and our state-of-the-art Leisure Precinct. And with growth comes opportunity - not just for prospective candidates, but for SwanCare people too!
Recently, we were thrilled to offer the role of Community Living Coordinator for our new Leisure Precinct to one of our brilliant team members, Ashleigh Fitzgerald. After a dynamic career with SwanCare across the Lifestyle and Quality & Compliance teams, Ashleigh was delighted to embrace this new challenge. With a background in exercise and sports science, Ashleigh says this position is an opportunity to further harness her qualifications and build new skills.


A day in the life of Ashleigh

Starting her day with a stroll around the Leisure Precinct, Ashleigh conducts routine checks and takes residents on orientation tours. Throughout the day, she’ll meet with residents in various clubs, to coordinate how they can make best use of the precinct - all while responding to many questions about the new facilities. It’s a job that keeps her on her toes, and differs greatly from her previous SwanCare role of Quality and Compliance Assistant.

Two months into her position, we sat down with Ashleigh to ask how she’s going and why, after more than seven years with us, she’s chosen to progress her career at SwanCare.


New kid on the block

“I love my new role; every day is unique! It’s natural to be anxious when you start a new job about whether you’ll meet expectations. However, the support I’ve had from my manager, Natalie, and the residents has been second to none. Residents come up and say to me, ‘If you have any issues, come to me.’  They’re very protective; it means a lot. Any concerns I have can be alleviated with just a few kind words.”


A diverse career with SwanCare

“I’m really proud of my progress with SwanCare over the last seven years. I started in the Lifestyle Team and completed a postgraduate Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) before moving into Quality and Compliance. I’ve also had the opportunity to become an OHS representative. If you put yourself out there and do the extra study, there’s a world of opportunity at your feet. My managers have always supported my progression; I feel really lucky.”  

When asked her top tips for her fellow team members when considering a new opportunity at SwanCare, Ashleigh shares: 
1. Set your own expectations for this role and exceed them 
“Envisage the kind of person you would like to see in that role, and take the steps to become that person.”
2. Be open and honest with your manager 
“Your manager will support your professional development and having that conversation will alleviate any concerns you have.”  
3. Believe in yourself  
“Don't look back and regret not taking a chance. By letting an opportunity go by, you only risk not furthering yourself and exploring your potential.” 



Looking ahead 

Ashleigh says she’s most looking forward to familiarising all residents with what the Precinct has to offer.
“We have a number of projects underway and I’m looking forward to showing our residents what I have in mind for them when the Precinct is fully functioning.”
Ashleigh is grateful for the opportunities SwanCare has given her to learn, grow and surround herself with incredible people.
“Everyday, I adapt to new situations and grow as a person. We have a unique group of people here at SwanCare who empower me to bring my best. My roots are here. It’s my second home.”

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