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SwanCare’s Feathers Wrap Up: October 2019

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The October Feathers Winner is Chai Laoaramwattana, Hospitality/Housekeeping Attendant at Kingia/Tandara!

Since taking over the cleaning department, Chai has been an invaluable help by training new staff and taking initiative in difficult times. As the person who nominated Chai wrote, “On Thursday, when our cleaning staff members were overwhelmed, Chai immediately came to support his colleague. Chai didn’t need to do this, as it was outside his area, but he felt the need to assist at a time like that. Thank you Chai for being such an amazing team member.” 

Feathers Winner October 2019


SwanCare’s Feathers nominations are a collection of the hundreds of little moments that make SwanCare ‘home.’ They are a smile down a corridor, a silly joke, a hug or an extended hand. They are a ‘Thank you,’ an ‘Are you okay?’ or a ‘How can I help?’ They a pause; an extra second, minute or hour, they are one extra step or even another kilometre. At SwanCare, we improve people’s lives 58 times a day - at least. So these little moments are our DNA; they are SwanCare.


Category Winners

Rembrant Sy

Customer Service: Rembrant Sy, IT

In October, we recognise Rembrant for showing outstanding dedication to his work. “Recently, I required assistance at the end of the day, and Rembrant immediately offereed to help, staying overtime. On another occasion, a staff member couldn’t access our internal system. Rembrant helped the nurse to access RDS right away. Although this is Rembrant's job, working on the weekends is not – and this is something we should recognise. Thank you Rembrant.”

Cecilia Bray

Compassion: Cecilia Bray, Activities Officer, Waminda

This month, we express our gratitude to Cecilia for her generous heart. “Last Tuesday, one of our residents needed some personal items to be brought to the hospital, but she has no family members. Cecilia volunteered to do this in her own time. This epitomises Cecilia's willingness to do anything to help our residents. She reads to our blind, writes to our lonely and cheers up everyone with personally baked treats on Saturday. We are so lucky to have her here at Waminda. Thank you Cecilia for your very big heart.”

Jeffrey De Asis

Improvements, Innovation and Creativity: Jeffrey De Asis, Assistant in Nursing, Kingia

In October, we celebrate Jeffrey for his ability to multitask and positive attitude in approaching challenging situations. Last Monday, when Jeffrey was rostered as a Physio Assistant, a nurse became seriously unwell and needed to go to hospital. While another nurse was on their way to cover, Jeff covered the nurses’ medication rounds. On the same day, a lifestyle staff member was unable to come to work, and Jeff coordinated all the lifestyle activity while carrying out his role as a Physio Assistant. Jeff assumed the role of a lifestyle and physio assistant at the same time without compromising high quality care.

Lorette Mattar

Leadership: Lorette Mattar, Cook, Main Production Kitchen

This month, we recognise Lorette for going above and beyond her role. “Early in the morning on the weekends, Lorette will check the work phone, and if someone has called in sick, Lorette will always organise the shifts to be covered. Lorette does this even though she is obviously very busy as a Cook in the Main Production Kitchen. Then, she will make sure the changes are passed on to the Head Chef and Roster Coordinator. Thank you Lorette, your work is greatly appreciated.”

Bernadette Wyld

Learning and Development: Bernadette Wyld, Assistant in Nursing, Tandara

We have recently received some wonderful feedback for Bernadette from one of her new staff. “The staff member said she has learned a lot from Bernadette during a buddy shift with her. Bernadette has showed her how to manage residents with different behaviour issues, and how to handle confronting situations. The staff member also commended Bernadette’s passion for her residents. Thank you, Bernadette for being a great mentor to our new staff.”

Jessie Lim

Safety Awareness: Jessie Lim, Food Service Attendant, Spritz Cafe

Jessie is always cleaning up after staff in the tea room, and topping up the water in the urn or turning it off if it’s unattended. “Jessie noticed the urn had been left on all morning without any water inside. She immediately unplugged it from the wall and reported it to the OSH coordinator and representative.”


Team nomination:

Hospitality - Muhammad Islam, Victor Jonga, Wayne Mackenzie, Peter Ndlovu, Fabian Ebohon, Jony Harrison, Jaidyn Wood, Yohanwes Welday, John Huber, Cai Slaughter, Kiera Annesley, Liam Aspinall and Dylan Maxville

Hospitality Team

This month, our day-time dish-washing team has taken out the team nomination with flying colours. “With construction of the Main Production Kitchen underway, the dishwashing teams have had to push food trolleys along the temporary pathway and across a quite bumpy track from Tandara to Kingia; hail, rain or shine. Then, they need to bring back the dirty dishes for dishwashing. I have not once heard complaining because I know they are looking forward to their brand-new working area. I feel they are deserving of Feathers. Well done everyone.”


Congratulations to all nominees.

Although there can only be one winner for each category, we had many notable nominees in October.

  • Compassion: Repeka Kirianu (Enrolled Nurse, Waminda), Jake Dyer (Assistant in Nursing, Tandara), Jovy Tesani (Manager Clinical Services, Kingia and Tandara)
  • Customer Service: Estelita Masillones (Assistant in Nursing, Waminda), Kaye Mudra (Laundry Supervisor), Zoran Pusaric (Maintenance)
  • Improvements, Innovation and Creativity: Jake Francis (Maintanence), Geraldine Garrett (Manager Quality and Compliance), Remya Menon (Physiotherapist, Waminda)
  • Leadership: Eric Almen (Registered Nurse, Kingia), Geraldine Garrett (Manager Quality and Compliance), Iva Gayagoy (Registered Nurse, Kingia)
  • Learning and Development: Luis Baquiran (Assistant in Nursing, Tandara 1), Harneet Kaur (Physiotherapy Assistant, Kingia), Danny Nuesa (Registered Nurse)
  • Teamwork: Rabinder Kaur (Physiotherapy Assistant, Waminda) Kylie Thompson (Assistant in Nursing, Kingia), Kim George (Finance)
  • Team nominations: Multiple departments:
    Heather Laws, Sharleen Mann, Tracey McCarthy, Matthew Southgate, Mechy Scharlach, Colin Manes, Francis Ericson, Waka Spargo and Natalie Hodi for volunteering your own time for the John Curtin Weekend!

    Jovy Tesani, Heather Laws, Sharleen Mann, Lj Tomasevic, Annemarie Kluvers, Ashleigh Fitzgerald, Francis Ericson, Teresa Strelley, Farhath Jameel and Arnel Braulio for their efforts in making the Senior Citizenship afternoon so successful!

    Rashida Chhagan and Steph Louis Jean for helping colleagues during their breaks.

Congratulations to all of our Feathers nominees!


About Feathers

The Feathers Rewards Program is our way of celebrating staff achievements, recognising staff across seven categories based on the SwanCare values - including teamwork, leadership and customer service. Anyone from our community can nominate staff for their great work; from spending extra time with our residents, to delivering a great project, to helping family members through difficult times. Staff accumulate Feathers rewards points and redeem prizes from an online prize catalogue.


Nominate someone!

Is there someone you know who goes the extra mile? If you’d like to recognise an exceptional colleague for displaying SwanCare’s values and going above and beyond, you can submit a Feathers nomination by logging in to Feathers here: https://swancare.browniepoints.com.au.


Share your stories with the SwanCare Stories Team

With 134 nominations for 97 staff members nominated for a Feathers Award in October, it’s clear there are so many wonderful stories to share about what goes on at SwanCare every day. That is why, this year, we launched an internal SwanCare stories team to capture these moments. If you have something to share, big or small, please let one of the SwanCare Stories Team members know so we can share positive news with everyone.

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