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SwanCare’s Feathers Wrap Up: November 2019

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Congratulations to our November Feathers Winner, Corrina Alderson, Registered Nurse at Waminda for Compassion!

This month, Corrina is being recognised for coming in on her day to spend time with one of our residents at the end of his life. “Corrina ensured he received the best of care possible – which was so important for him and for his family who were losing him. Thank you for displaying such leadership and compassion Corrina.”

  Feathers Winner November 2019


SwanCare’s Feathers nominations are an insight into the hearts and minds of the people who make SwanCare a place so many call home. Feathers are anecdotes of generosity, sacrifice, friendship, love and kindness. At SwanCare, we improve people’s lives at least 58 times a day – and we pride ourselves on doing the right thing – every time.


Category Winners

Denise Tidy

Customer Service: Denise Tidy, Sales Administration Assistant

In November, we recognise Denise for dealing with a challenging resident with a poised composure and light-hearted humour. As the person nominating Denise wrote, “Denise was able to diffuse the environment with ease and calm the resident.”

Shuhao (Sue) Yang

Improvements, Innovation & Creativity: Shuhao (Sue) Yang, Physiotherapy Assistant Tandara

This month, we celebrate Sue for being an exceptional PTA going well beyond her day to day duties. “Sue took the time to learn Tai-chi while she was on holiday. Upon returning, she has started running group classes for residents and even purchased an outfit especially for the Tai-chi group. Residents really enjoy the classes and they have a very positive impact on residents’ moods.”

Michael Bermejo

Leadership: Michael Bermejo, Assistant in Nursing in Kingia

Michael continues to display commendable leadership time after time. “Whenever the RN is busy, Michael steps up as team leader to ensure the floor runs smoothly. This weekend when I was feeling under the weather, he stepped up once again to undertake my handover duties as I was losing my voice. Michael has done such a great job and assisted me outside of work. Thank you so much Michael!”

Iva Gayagoy

Learning and Development: Iva Gayagoy, Registered Nurse in Kingia

This month we recognise Iva for always being open to learning. “While I have been away, Iva took the responsibility of doing my audits on top of her usual duties on the floor. The audit involves filling, analysing data and taking action on areas requiring improvement. Thank you, Iva, for your dedication to always extend your skills and knowledge.”

Victor Jonga

Safety Awareness: Victor Jonga, Food Service Attendant

In November, we celebrate Victor for taking initiative to improve safety at the Spritz Café. As the person nominating Victor wrote, “Victor has made a suggestion to have a separate faulty equipment room so staff will not accidentally use faulty equipment and to reduce manual handling incidents. I would like to recognise Victor's commitment and concern for workplace safety.” Well done Victor!

Danny Nuesa

Teamwork: Danny Nuesa, Registered Nurse Kingia

This month, we thank Danny for going out of his way to assist a fellow team member who was busy locating a resident who had become lost while taking a stroll. “I was away for a good two hours to settle the issue. Despite having his own floor to look after, Danny supervised my floor - assisting with the evening doctors’ round, medication changes and administrations. He even ensured I had time to settle the resident when I returned and complete my paperwork before I took over from him. This is not the first time Danny has shown incredible teamwork. Your selflessness is certainly commendable. Thank you Danny for your help!”

Rembrant Sy

Willy Go

Team nomination: Willy Go and Rembrant Sy (IT)

This month, our IT team took our team nomination for staying back on Friday night. “Willy and Rem stayed back late on Friday to ensure a temporary network switch was installed to keep operations going in Tandara. They faced obstacles along the way with perseverance and ensured everything was running smoothly before clocking off. Thank you, Willy and Rembrandt, for staying back and ensuring business operations wouldn’t be impacted over the weekend!”


Congratulations to all nominees.

Although there can only be one winner for each category, we had many notable nominees in November.

  • Compassion: Amy Quartermaine, Assistant in Nursing, Waminda
  • Customer Service: Rembrant Sy, IT Support
  • Improvements, Innovation and Creativity: Rossannah Besterwitch, Housekeeping K, Marek Cicchini Graphic Designer, Arnel Braulio Clinical Nurse Coordinator, Kingia
  • Leadership:Jovy Tesani, Manager Care Services Kingia/Tandara, Drishti Goojha Hospitality Team Leader, Aris Tisbe, Assistant in Nursing, Kingia
  • Safety Awareness Kidist Zewdie, Housekeeping, Waminda
  • Teamwork:Sam Gandhi (Assistant in Nursing, Kingia), Navpreet Khippal (Assistant in Nursing, Tandara), Danny Nuesa (Registered Nurse, Kingia), Lizeth Prada Ramirez (Assistant in Nursing Tandara)
  • Team nominations:Denise Tidy and Heather Laws (Admin), Amal Zainuden, Danny Nuesa and Aris Tisbe (Kingia), Bev Froggatt, Rachel Giancaspro (Kingia /Tandara)

Congratulations to all of our Feathers nominees!


About Feathers

The Feathers Rewards Program is our way of celebrating staff achievements, recognising staff across seven categories based on the SwanCare values - including teamwork, leadership and customer service. Anyone from our community can nominate staff for their great work; from spending extra time with our residents, to delivering a great project, to helping family members through difficult times. Staff accumulate Feathers rewards points and redeem prizes from an online prize catalogue.


Nominate someone!

Is there someone you know who goes the extra mile? If you’d like to recognise an exceptional colleague for displaying SwanCare’s values and going above and beyond, you can submit a Feathers nomination by logging in to Feathers https://swancare.browniepoints.com.au.


Share your stories with the SwanCare Stories Team

With 89 nominations for 70 staff members nominated for a Feathers Award in November, it’s clear there are so many wonderful stories to share about what goes on at SwanCare every day. That is why, this year, we launched an internal SwanCare stories team to capture these moments. If you have something to share, big or small, please let one of the SwanCare Stories Team members know so we can share positive news with everyone.

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