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SwanCare’s Feathers Wrap Up: June 2019

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This month, we recognise Jake Dyer, Assistant in Nursing at Kingia and Tandara, for taking out the top Feathers Award in June for Customer Service.  
    Feathers Winner June 2019

Jake is being celebrated for his gentle approach when it came to helping a resident who is easily agitated and has many unexpected aggressive behaviors. The simple task of bathing a residents feet may sound simple, but this particular resident has a fear of water and never likes to take her shoes off. Jake's gentle temperament and patience built trust with our resident and created an environment in which she felt more relaxed.

As Jake’s nomination read, “This task is difficult to achieve for even the most experienced staff member. We could all learn something from Jake's approach.”


SwanCare’s Feathers nominations offer a brief insight into the world of our staff and residents at SwanCare. They show acts of selflessness, love and creativity. A common thread in our Feathers nominations this month is bringing one’s ‘whole self’ to work. This attitude of SwanCare team members, which sees our team consistently go above and beyond, demonstrates that our staff bring their care and kindness on a personal level to SwanCare - each and every day. Thank you to all our staff. 



Category Winners


Improvements, Innovation and Creativity: Cecilia Bray (Assistant in Nursing, Waminda)

This month, Cecilia has taken out the innovation award for actively looking for creative ways to improve the lives of our residents. Cecilia’s role in our Lifestyle team is with our sun-downing group. “The group has such a good time that others are drawn in. Residents are noticeably happier in the evening after Cecilia has spent time with them. They have had a purpose and feel very valued. Cecilia connects with them in a human, social and personal way. She is a shining example of an exceptional employee. EVERY day she goes above and beyond. We are fortunate to have Cecilia - she adds real value to our residents. Thank you Cecilia.”


Leadership: Amal Zainuden (Registered Nurse, Kingia)

For the second month in a row, Amal has taken out the award for leadership! “Even in her busy days Amal always stands up as a leader and supports our graduate nurses. Amal always prioritises her resident's care and even stays back in the afternoon to assist our afternoon nurses in providing the highest standard of care, especially to our palliative residents. It’s important for me to recognise Amal's efforts because I know she displays selfless leadership on a regular basis.


Compassion: Fiona Combe (Enrolled Nurse, Kingia)

Following the devastating passing of one of our beloved staff members, Fiona has been an important source of love and support. “Fiona organised a morning tea with cakes and biscuits and sat with K1 staff to share her time with those grieving. Fiona spoke confidentially to a few staff in mourning, ensuring they know we are here for them. A staff member informed Fiona she was feeling very low, and Fiona returned the following day, in her own time, to have a 1:1 with this staff member to support her with her grief and loss. Fiona is on leave due to an injury, but she is still reaching out to K1 staff to comfort them. Thank you Fiona.”


Safety Awareness: Teresa Strelley (Diversional Therapy Coordinator, Kingia/ Tandara)

This month we recognise Teresa for taking initiative and dedicating her personal time to remove a safety hazard. “Teresa noticed a resident's room was full of belongings that would have compromised the safety of our residents and staff. Teresa took the initiative to tidy the resident's room and even labelled the drawers for the resident to know where all her things were. Thank you, Teresa.”


Learning and Development: Jeffrey De-Asis  (Assistant in Nursing, Kingia)

In June, we acknowledge Jeff’s enthusiasm for professional development. “Jeff is not only working as an AIN, he also covers the PTAs. Further, before he even begins his shift in Lifestyle, Jeff helps to give out medications or help other AINs with their work. Most recently, Jeff has learned the ropes of the lifestyle department - following an unexpected change in our lifestyle roster, I asked Jeff if he would be willing to learn how to provide activities to make our residents’ day-to-day life more meaningful. Jeff was enthusiastic as he had previously mentioned it was another challenge he was looking forward to. For the last 3-4 weeks, Jeff has been working hard to expand his knowledge and skills to be a multi-skilled worker.”


Teamwork: Jake Francis (Maintenance Officer)

This month, Jake is being recognised for being flexible in order to assist a team member outside of his normal scope of work. “A resident’s call bell was not working and required immediate attention. However, due to a flu outbreak in the facility, we were not able to attend to it as we had planned. As Jake was onsite, I asked him if he could assist. He could have easily waited for us to resolve the issue in a few days upon being allowed back in the facility, but he showed enthusiasm to fix the issue for the resident very quickly. Jakes can-do attitude and communication skills have really impressed me. Thank you, Jake.

Night Shift Team

Team nomination:

Kingia Night Shift Staff

Richard Holloway, Yolande Smith, Dianne Donn, Lydia Muduzu, & Cleopatra Zimunya

In June, our incredible night shift team are being celebrated for their enthusiasm in adopting a new responsibility. “We have recently introduced a procedure for our residents’ birthdays which has the night shift putting up Happy Birthday signs on bedroom doors. Thus, when our resident wakes up in the morning, the birthday sign is already up, and it reminds day staff to wish the resident a happy birthday. This has been a huge success in K2! Thank you for an improved process to acknowledge our residents’ birthdays!


Congratulations to all shortlisted nominees.

Although there can only be one winner for each category, we had many notable nominees in June.

  • Compassion: Repeka Kirianu (Enrolled Nurse, Waminda), Mavis Theyagarajah (Physiotherapy Assistant, Kingia/Tandara
  • Customer Service: Stephanie Burgess (Community Assistant, SwanCare At Home) Teresa Strelley (Diversional Therapy Coordinator, Kingia/Tandara), Heather Laws (Resident Support Services)
  • Safety Awareness: Rachel Giancaspro (Roster Coordinator, Kingia/Tandara)
  • Leadership: Arnel Braulio (Clinical Nurse Coordinator, Kingia/Tandara), Corrina Alderson (Registered Nurse, Waminda)
  • Learning and Development: Kylie Thompson (Assistant in Nursing, Kingia)
  • Improvements, Innovation and Creativity: Lorraine Rodrigues (Registered Nurse, Kingia)
  • Teamwork: Shuhao Yang (Physiotherapy Assistant, Kingia/Tandara)
  • Team nominations: Savannah Hoskins & Claire Lange (Food Service Attendants, Waminda), the Kingia/Tandara Lifestyle Team for their creative ideas on how to help the dining room team run smoothly. Camilo Dangazo, Enock Badu, Suzy Suswati, Tanya Rose, Teresa Strelley, Velvet Barrett for their wonderful work with students from Curtin University who greatly appreciated their guidance and mentorship.

About Feathers

The Feathers Rewards Program is our way of celebrating staff achievements, recognising staff across seven categories based on the SwanCare values. Anyone from our community can nominate staff for their great work; from spending extra time with our residents, to delivering a great project, to helping family members through difficult times. Staff accumulate Feathers rewards points and redeem prizes from an online prize catalogue. 


Nominate someone!

Is there someone you know who goes the extra mile? If you’d like to recognise an exceptional colleague for displaying SwanCare’s values and going above and beyond, you can submit a Feathers nomination by logging in to Feathers https://swancare.browniepoints.com.au.


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With 38 staff members nominated for a Feathers Award in June, there are so many wonderful stories to share about what goes on at SwanCare every day. That is why we’ve launched an internal SwanCare stories team to capture these moments. If you have something to share, big or small, please let one of the SwanCare Stories Team members know so we can share positive news with everyone.

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