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SwanCare’s Feathers Wrap Up: August 2019

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Welcome to your Feathers August Newsletter! Last month was extra special in Feathers news as we celebrated our mid-year Feathers Leaderboard Event. It was an opportunity to recognise the efforts of our incredible staff so far and remind everyone of our Feathers program in the lead up to our main Awards Evening (watch this space!).
Feathers Leaderboard Tally: August 2019
Jovy Tesani – 254 points
Teresa Strelley - 220 points
Arnel Braulio - 188 points
Well done to our top three winners! Thank you to everyone for living and breathing the SwanCare values in everything you do.


The August Feathers Winner was Victor Jonga, Food Service Attendant, Kingia for

Safety Awareness!

  Feathers Winner August 2019

Victor was very concerned about how some heavy metal trolleys were stored near the windows instead of near wooden paneling. “Victor rightly pointed out that if the trolleys were knocked closer to the window, they could easily shatter the glass and pose a significant risk to staff.  He relocated the trolleys to the correct position and notified other staff.  Signage will be arranged so these trolleys are not stored incorrectly.” Thank you for staying vigilant Victor.


SwanCare’s Feathers nominations offer a window into life at SwanCare. These notes of recognition and appreciation reveal hundreds of acts of kindness, community spirit and courage. A common thread in our Feathers nominations this month is generosity. From Rossannah and Rosemarie who paused their break without hesitation to clean a room for a new resident, to Iva who continues to be a sturdy support for Tandara management, we have so many wonderful team members at SwanCare worthy of celebration. So put the kettle on, sit back and enjoy your August edition of SwanCare Feathers!



Category Winners

Amal Zainuden

Customer Service: Amal Zainuden, Registered Nurse (Kingia and Tandara)

In August, we extend a heart-felt thank you to Amal for showing outstanding dedication to her work. Amal has been working tirelessly and has often stayed back hours after her shift has ended. “Amal has been inundated with paperwork from the doctor’s rounds. Instead of passing this to the nurses in the afternoon, she has been completing the paperwork to allow the nurses to focus on their duties.” Thank you for going above and beyond Amal. Your service means so much to your colleagues and our residents.

Karen Munro

Compassion: Karen Munro, Assistant in Nursing (Waminda)

This month, we express our gratitude to Karen for her thoughtfulness. One of our beloved Waminda residents recently passed away. He had timed a bouquet of roses to be sent to his wife the day after he passed. Karen voluntarily took a couple of the roses home to dry out and framed them in a little plaque so they would keep longer. Thank you for helping to preserve a special memory of one of our residents Karen.

Greta Louw

Improvements, Innovation and Creativity: Greta Louw, Receptionist (Waminda)

This month, we recognise Greta for her enthusiasm and skill in taking on new responsibilities including reoganising the cleaner’s audits as well as ordering cleaning supplies. As the team member nominating her wrote, “These tasks are not in Greta's job description. I very much appreciated her attitude and willingness to assist in the smooth running of Waminda. A well-deserved recognition.” Thank you, Greta.

Sharleen Mann

Leadership: Sharleen Mann, Manager Operations (Waminda & Tandara)

This month, we celebrate Sharleen for her boundless support and perseverance. Sharleen has gone above and beyond, time and time again. She has shown incredible enthusiasm in coordinating staff during the construction of the Main Production Kitchen. “Sharleen came in early to help staff prepare for the power outage and didn’t leave until she ensured everything was in order.” Sharleen gives her time and energy generously and is worthy of recognition. Thank you for your support Sharleen.

Peter Kwan

Learning and Development: Peter Kwan, Assistant in Nursing (Waminda)

This month, Peter has taken out the Award for Learning and Development for doing a fantastic job in stepping to the role of Roster Coordinator while Julie has been on leave. As our Payroll Coordinator noted, “Peter has made my job so much easier. I haven't had to chase him up for anything. Thank you, Peter, for always being on top of everything.” Well done Peter!

Jovy Tesani

Effective Recognition: Jovy Tesani, Manager Care Services (Kingia & Tandara)

An absolute superstar, Jovy has been recognised for a Feathers again this month for consistently recognising her staff for their good work. By making an effort to submit Feathers nominations and simply thank her staff in person, Jovy helps her team realise the real impact of their efforts on our residents. Thank you Jovy.

Aby Castaneda

Teamwork: Aby Castaneda, Assistant in Nursing (Kingia)

This month, we recognise Aby for her immense effort in K2. “Residents are required to be weighed every month, and we were recently behind schedule. Aby noticed saw this and took the initiative to weigh the rest of the residents without hesitation. Thank you for your huge effort in doing this, Aby.”

Sam Selvaraj

Sathish Kumar

Team nomination:

Sam Selvaraj & Sathish Kumar, Main Production Kitchen (Tandara)

In August, we wish to extend a sincere thank you to Sam and Satish for bringing a taste of home to residents during special cultural festivities. As the person nominating the duo wrote, “Thank you Sathish and Sam for going out of your way to make an Italian meal for six of our Italian residents and an Indian meal for two of our Indian residents. These residents were very grateful to tuck into a traditional meal to celebrate Ferragosto Festival and Indian Independence Day!” Fantastic creativity Sam and Satish.


Congratulations to all nominees.

Although there can only be one winner for each category, we had many notable nominees in August.

  • Compassion: Karen Munro (Assistant in Nursing, Waminda), Maxine Gibaud (Community Assistant), and Jovy Tesani (Manager Care Services, Kingia and Tandara)
  • Customer Service: Francis Ericson (IT Support), Amal Zainuden (Registered Nurse, Kingia and Tandara), and Repeka Kirianu (Enrolled Nurse, Waminda)  
  • Improvements, Innovation and Creativity: Jaswinder Kaur (Enrolled Nurse, Tandara) and Greta Louw (Waminda Reception)
  • Leadership: Sharleen Mann (Manager Operations) and Amit Kumar (Physio)
  • Learning and Development: Peter Kwan (Assistant in Nursing, Waminda), Dana Wilkinson (Graduate Nurse, Kiniga and Tandara), and Carolynn Robinson (Activities, Waminda)
  • Safety Awareness Victor Jonga (Food Service Attendant, Kingia), Sharleen Mann (Manager Operations), and Rachel Giancaspro (Roster Coordinator)
  • Effective Recognition: Jovy Tesani (Manager Care Services, Kingia and Tandara)
  • Teamwork: Aby Casteneda (Assistant in Nursing, Kingia), Iva Gayagoy (Registered Nurse, Kingia), and Janice Alfrey (Roster Coordinator, Hospitality). 
  • Team nominations: Rossannah Besterwitch and Rosemarie Fernandez (Housekeeping, Kingia) for leaving their break early to prepare a room for a new resident about to arrive. Sam Selvaraj and Sathish Kumar (Main Production Kitchen, Tandara) for their expertise and thoughtfulness in the kitchen in preparing specialised cuisine for our residents.           

Congratulations to all of our Feathers nominees!


About Feathers

The Feathers Rewards Program is our way of celebrating staff achievements, recognising staff across seven categories based on the SwanCare values - including teamwork, leadership and customer service. Anyone from our community can nominate staff for their great work; from spending extra time with our residents, to delivering a great project, to helping family members through difficult times. Staff accumulate Feathers rewards points and redeem prizes from an online prize catalogue.


Nominate someone!

Is there someone you know who goes the extra mile? If you’d like to recognise an exceptional colleague for displaying SwanCare’s values and going above and beyond, you can submit a Feathers nomination by logging in to Feathers https://swancare.browniepoints.com.au.


Share your stories with the SwanCare Stories Team

With 164 nominations for 96 staff members nominated for a Feathers Award in August, it’s clear there are so many wonderful stories to share about what goes on at SwanCare every day. That is why, this year, we launched an internal SwanCare stories team to capture these moments. If you have something to share, big or small, please let one of the SwanCare Stories Team members know so we can share positive news with everyone.

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