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SwanCare Feathers Nomination of the Year Awards

In December, we held our annual SwanCare Feathers Nomination of the Year Awards. It was a moment for us to pause and reflect on the incredible people we work beside every day.

Congratulations to Jovy Tesani, our Winner for 2019!

Jovy Tesani, Manager Care Services at Kingia & Tandara, has taken out the 2019 Feathers Award Nominee of the year for her collaborative leadership style that brings out the best in her colleagues. This year, Jovy received a Feather’s nominations almost every month, and was our winner on multiple occasions. She embodies everything we stand for at SwanCare - kindness, integrity and most importantly, resident-focused.

As the award-winning nomination read, “Jovy lets her staff grow. She has taught me how to become a nurse with emotional intelligence. She pushes me to my limits in a positive way. I have gained extensive knowledge and experience in the course of working with her. She is dedicated, and stays late or even returns to help the nurses. At night or on the weekend, she always answers our calls. She always puts our residents first among everyone else, including herself.”

  Jovy Tesani


Thank you for everything you bring to SwanCare Jovy - we’re so grateful for all that you bring to SwanCare.


Congratulations to our Nomination of the Year Runners-up, Jan-Mark Guevara, Marietta O’Neil and Christina Thomas (Assistants in Nursing) for their kindness, compassion and teamwork.

Their group nomination read, “We recently had a resident who was at the end of her life. A few hours before her passing, Jan, Mark, Marietta and Christina took turns to be with her. They held her hands and made her feel as comfortable as possible. The three staff members ensured someone was with her until she passed away. It was such an honour to see the compassion these staff members displayed by making sure our resident didn’t feel alone.”


Category Winners

Congratulations to our category winners for 2019. Your kindness, integrity and commitment to improving the lives of our residents is nothing short of exceptional.

Vikas Chauhan


Vikas Chauhan (Resident Liaison Officer) for his collaborative spirit.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Marie Wang

Recognising others:

Marie Wang (Enrolled Nurse, Kingia) for taking the time to make others feel appreciated.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Jessie Lim

Safety Awareness: 

Jessie Lim (Food Service Attendant, Hospitality Spritz Cafe) for her commitment to prioritising the safety of her colleagues and our residents.                                                                                                                                        

Peter Kwan

Learning and Development:

Peter Kwan (Assistant in Nursing), for always seeking opportunities to expand his knowledge and skill set.                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Danny Nuesa


Danny Nuesa for always taking initiative and stepping up to guide others during challenging times.

Cecilia Bray

Innovation, Improvements & Creativity:

Cecilia Bray (Activities Officer, Waminda) for using her artistic flair to improve our systems and processes to benefit our residents.

Amal Zainuden

Customer Service:

Amal Zainuden (Registered Nurse, Kingia) for his resident-focused approach in all aspects of their work.

Francis Ericson


Francis Ericson (IT Support Officer, Administration) for his kind heart, generosity of spirit and unconditional friendship.

Rembrant Sy



Zoran Pusaric    Jake Francis

Team Nomination:

Rembrant Sy, Zoran Pusaric and Jake Francis (IT Support Officer & Maintenance Officers) in recognition for their exemplary inter-departmental teamwork.

Up and up…. The ongoing value of Feathers as we look to the future .

With the New Year upon us, we look forward to exciting developments and opportunities for both SwanCare team members and residents. Our new leisure facility is now open, our technology hub set to open its doors in early 2020 and our new Ningana facility will begin welcoming residents from March. With so many changes afoot, it’s vital we remember the mission binding us all: to improve lives for a living

Never underestimate the power of your words in bringing our people together. As our 2019 Feathers Award Winner, Jovy, puts it, “Feathers brings out the best in our staff - a nomination can change a person. I’ve seen staff forge friendships and repair relationships by submitting a Feathers nomination. Acknowledging little things through Feathers allows us to look at the positive aspects of one another, and can really make a difference.”

Perhaps you could make this a New Year’s resolution? When you see someone improving lives, put a ‘feather’ in their hat by submitting a nomination. It is only through the continued celebration and recognition of one another that we can foster the kind of workplace, and therefore, the kind of world in which we wish to live. You’re a huge part of that!

Here’s to our Feathers Award Winner Jovy Tesani, all our Feathers nominees for 2019 and each individual staff member.

And here’s to you for your continued support. Whether you’re a SwanCare team member, resident, family member or friend, we thank you for your contributions in making SwanCare a place that so many of our residents and staff call ‘home.’

On behalf of all the SwanCare team, we wish you a Happy Holiday season and a very Merry Christmas.

Feathers Logo


About Feathers

The Feathers Rewards Program is our way of celebrating staff achievements, recognising staff across seven categories based on the SwanCare values - including teamwork, leadership and customer service. Anyone from our community can nominate staff for their great work; from spending extra time with our residents, to delivering a great project, to helping family members through difficult times. Staff accumulate Feathers rewards points and redeem prizes from an online prize catalogue.


Nominate someone!

Is there someone you know who goes above and beyond? If you’d like to recognise an exceptional colleague for displaying SwanCare’s values, you can submit a Feathers Award nomination. Submit your nomination via the online Feathers platform https://swancare.browniepoints.com.au.


Focus of the Season: Customer Service

This Feathers criteria focuses on providing ongoing quality customer service that really makes a difference to residents and their families, colleagues, supervisors and managers. This criteria is demonstrated by positive feedback from those who received exceptional service that has been given.

Our residents are our customers and we strive to provide a good experience for them.  Exceptional customer service involves understanding what it is that our residents need and then going beyond their expectations.  Exceptional customer service also involves developing real relationships with the residents and their families/friends, listening to their concerns and desires and making sure that we fulfil our vision and mission and make their experience with SwanCare the best that it can be. 



There have been a total of 49 Feathers rewards redeemed in the last 3 months alone and the staff that have collected these items are now enjoying the benefits of giving that extra effort and being recognised for it!


Logging in to Feathers:

If you are having difficulty with your password or logging in to Feathers please see the details below:

Please go to your Feathers logon page http://swancare.browniepoints.com.au/login and click ‘Have you forgotten your password’

Enter your SwanCare email address and a new password will be resent to your email in a few minutes (it may take a bit of time but wait for it to send and don’t keep clicking otherwise the program will generate a password every time you click the link).

Once you have your new password go back to Feathers and try to log in again. 

  • Enter your SwanCare email address
  • Enter your new password that was sent in the email (hint:  don’t copy and paste it, enter via the keyboard)

Once you have logged on successfully with the updated password you can now alter the password to something you can easily remember by following the steps below:

  1. Go to ‘My Account’ > ‘My Profile’
  2. Click on ‘Edit details’ on the right hand side of the page
  3. On the ‘Password’ box enter your preferred password (something you can easily recall)
  4. Re-enter the changed password in the ‘Re-enter password’ box
  5. Click the ‘Update Account’ button

Your password should now be updated.

Should you have any further issues, please feel free to contact any of the Feathers Team.


  • Fiona Millar
  • Gail Dunn
  • Candice Hitchcock
  • Isabella Crellin
  • Priska Huber


  • Mick Harrison


  • Rembrant Sy


  • Jovy Tesani
  • Geraldine Garrett
  • Ashleigh Fitzgerald
  • Sunita Lama Tamang
  • Kate Jimenez
  • Suzy Suswati
  • Tanya Rose


  • Pauline Bremner
  • Estelita Masillones
  • Minu Julien
  • Paris Brooks-Pope
  • Criselda Cleofe


  • Lorelle Werner
  • Janice Alfrey
  • Kaye Mudra
  • Sathish Kumar
  • Stephanie Louis-Jean
  • Adriana Codoceo-Oros

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